New NBA 2K12 Official Roster Update (April 27th) Now Available

A new official roster update for NBA 2K12 is now available, containing rosters accurate as of April 27th 2012. As always, the rosters will be downloaded automatically as long as your PC, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 is connected to the Internet and your game is up to date with the latest official patch. Note that you must use the Reset Roster function under the Options menu to access the new rosters.

Once again, I’ve updated this pack with the latest roster and online data files for PC users who would like to update their game manually; please see the included readme for full instructions on how to use it. Remember if you have any feedback on the official roster updates, you can send it in to the NBA 2K Insider via Twitter @NBA2KInsider.

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2012 NBA Playoffs underway; join the discussion in the NLSC Forum!

The 2012 NBA Playoffs are officially underway as the postseason has tipped off with four games. Unfortunately it’s been an inauspicious start for Chicago Bulls fans like myself, with Derrick Rose set to miss the rest of the Playoffs after suffering a torn ACL.

We invite you to join in the discussion of the 2012 NBA Playoffs in the NBA & Basketball Talk section of the NLSC Forum, where you’ll find dedicated threads for each of the first round series. Post your predictions, your thoughts on games as you watch them live and much more. Registering in the NLSC Forum is quick, free and easy; don’t forget that your Forum account can also be used to post comments on news articles, as well as rate files in our Downloads section.

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NLSC Current Roster Updates for NBA Live 2005-08 v5.0 Released

At long last, the wait is finally over! I have released new versions (v5.0) of the current roster updates for NBA Live 2005, NBA Live 06, NBA Live 07 and NBA Live 08, containing 2011/2012 season rosters accurate as of April 23rd 2012. Get them at the download links below:

NBA Live 08: Download | Support Thread
NBA Live 07: Download | Support Thread
NBA Live 06: Download | Support Thread
NBA Live 2005: Download | Support Thread

Make sure that you download the correct update for the game you’re playing. Please see the support threads for supplemental downloads as well as the download links for the Roster Only version, if you’d prefer to use the rosters with an alternate art pack.

Please note that the rosters were finalised on April 23rd and as such, do not include the signings of Xavier Silas and Derrick Byars, while also featuring late season lineups where several key players were resting. I anticipate releasing another set of updates in the next week or so which will feature those transactions along with lineups updated as of the first round of the 2012 Playoffs and any fixes/updates that may be required. Thanks again to everyone for your patience in recent months, I hope you enjoy the rosters!

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File Additions for NBA 2K12

We’ve got a handful of new file additions for NBA 2K12 today, including several faces and a great total conversion mod containing all-time franchise rosters. Check them out below!

Roko Ukic Face
Derrick Byars Face
Blake Ahearn Face
Larry Owens Face
Stromile Swift Face

Ultimate All Time Franchise Best Mod Roster
Ultimate All-Time Franchise Best Mod Face Packs

Carmelo Anthony Face

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Kotaku: Two Years Out of the NBA, EA Sports Puts Its Live Back Together

Kotaku’s Owen Good has posted an article detailing the return of NBA Live. It chronicles the cancellation of NBA Elite 11 and the series’ move to EA Tiburon, with comments from members of the Dev Team including creative director Jason Barnes, general manager Dale Jackson, executive producer Nick Wlodyka and software engineer Andres Rivela.

The article also offers the first tidbits on NBA Live 13. The game will feature full ESPN branding with NBA on ESPN-style presentation, featuring Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy in the booth. Wlodyka also talks about looking to have the game make intelligent and appropriate decisions for the user and passing controls. It’s well worth a read if you’re looking forward to NBA Live 13, so check it out and leave your thoughts below and join in the discussion here in the NLSC Forum.

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REDitor II v3.5 Released with Xbox 360 2K12 Support

Version 3.5 of the REDitor II has been released with support for NBA 2K12 files from the Xbox 360. For those who are unaware, REDitor II is the roster editor for the PC version of NBA 2K12, containing a host of essential features for modding the game. It also still supports NBA 2K10 (PC), NBA 2K11 (PC and Xbox 360) and MLB 2K11 (PC).

REDitor II is made by Vl@d Zola Jr. Be sure to check out his release thread for the download links, new version change logs and support.

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File Additions for NBA Live 08

NBA Live 08 Cover Art

The roster update for NBA Live 08 has been completed and will be available very soon, with the conversions for NBA Live 2005, NBA Live 06 and NBA Live 07 also close to being done. In the meantime, check out the latest file additions for NBA Live 08!

Toronto Raptors 2011/2012 Jersey Patch
Detroit Pistons 2011/2012 Jersey Patch

Washington Wizards Logo Update

PBA 2011/2012 Intro

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NBA Jam: On Fire Edition On Special April 24th-May 1st (Xbox Live)

From April 24th through May 1st, NBA Jam: On Fire Edition will be available on Xbox Live at a reduced price of 800 Microsoft Points. If you’ve been thinking of picking up the game, be sure to take advantage of the sale as soon as possible.

NBA Jam: On Fire Edition recently received its second roster update, which included player movement accurate as of the trade deadline and added several new players to the game. For those who aren’t too sure about the game, you may want to check out my review from last year; while you’re at it, don’t forget to check out our producer interview here. Finally, feel free to discuss the game in The Virtual Hardwood section of the NLSC Forum.

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File Additions for NBA 2K12

Check out today’s file additions for NBA 2K12, which include a couple of new converted face patches, an updated superglobal mod, the latest version of HAWK23’s Ultimate Base Roster and a new unofficial roster update, accurate as of April 23rd 2012.

Superglobal The Final Blast *Reloaded* (Final Release)

8x 2010 Draftee Face Pack
Sun Yue Face

Linsanity NBA 2K12 Roster Update (Updated to v5.0)

Ultimate Base Roster V12 [179 Retro/Legend Teams + 30 Updated Current Teams] (Updated to v12.0)

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File Additions for NBA Live 07

Update the menu art for All-Star Weekend Mode in NBA Live 07 with today’s file addition from Blake_Bryant!

All-Star 2012 Menu Update

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File Additions for NBA Live 06

Today’s addition for NBA Live 06 is another converted jersey update, this time the new Back in Black alternate jersey for the Miami Heat.

Miami Heat Back in Black Jersey Patch

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Small Release: Dallas Mavericks 2011/2012 Alternate Jersey Portrait

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m still working on the 2011/2012 season roster updates for NBA Live 2005 through NBA Live 08 and anticipate releasing them within the next couple of days, just in time for the 2012 Playoffs. However, while assembling the jersey updates for the rosters, I discovered that we are currently missing an updated Jersey Select screen portrait for the Dallas Mavericks’ new alternate uniform.

As such, I’ve whipped up a quick patch which will be included in the roster update and in the meantime, can be downloaded here. Jersey portraits certainly aren’t my forte but hopefully this will suffice until one of the more experienced jersey patchers in the community can provide a better one. The update was made for NBA Live 08 but should work fine with NBA Live 2005, NBA Live 06 and NBA Live 07 as well. Enjoy, and keep it locked here at the NLSC for the release of the new rosters very soon!

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Quick Update on the NBA Live 2005-08 Rosters

Just a quick update on the status of the NLSC roster updates for NBA Live 2005 through NBA Live 08. Unfortunately I encountered a minor setback over the weekend which has pushed back the release slightly, however I still anticipate having the rosters out within the next couple of days, just in time for the 2012 Playoffs.

At this point there are still a few art updates to put in place and check, along with some accessories and contract info to update. I’d estimate the NBA Live 08 roster to be about 98% complete; once it’s done, I’ll be completing the conversions for NBA Live 2005-07 and releasing all the roster updates right here on the NLSC. Thanks again to everyone for your patience and understanding, at long last we’re in the home stretch!

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File Additions for NBA Live 08

NBA Live 08 Cover Art

We’ve got a whole bunch of file additions for NBA Live 08 today, including the latest face updates from two of the best face patchers in the community right now, Mgc#12 and Mr.Star. Check them out below!

Andrew Bynum Face Patch
Andrew Goudelock Face Patch
Matt Barnes Face Patch
Ramon Sessions Face Patch
Derrick Rose Face Patch
Kendrick Perkins Face Patch
Luol Deng Face Patch
Ty Lawson Face Patch
Malcolm Lee Face Patch
Sonny Weems Face Patch

15 Player Face Pack

90s All-Stars Fictional Jersey Patch
Blake_Bryant’s 90s All-Stars Court Patch
Blake_Bryant’s Oklahoma City Thunder Court Patch

Dynasty Rosters (Updated to v1.9)

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File Additions for NBA Live 2000

For those still playing NBA Live 2000, make sure you check out today’s file addition which include some outstanding face patches for Dallas Mavericks players.

Dirk Nowitzki Face Patch
Jason Kidd Face Patch
Shawn Marion Face Patch
Lamar Odom Face Patch
Brendan Haywood Face Patch

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