File Additions for NBA 2K12

Author: HAWK23
Ultimate Base Roster V8 [106 Extra Retro Teams] + All-Decade Teams + All-Time Teams (Updated to v8.0)

Author: LG-1
LG-1 SuperRoster (Updated to v2.0)

Author: JoeJames
NBA Ball (with All Star 2012 design)

Michael Olowokandi Face

Author: XpLosibo
Gary Forbes Face
Kenneth Faried Face
Marquis Daniels Face

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File Additions for NBA Live 08

NBA Live 08 Cover Art

Author: TanyaMarkova
TanyaMarkovA Mega Shoe Pack

Author: baller42
2011/2012 Season Rosters (Updated to v3.0)

Author: fdlk0501
2012 NBA All-Star Court Patch

Author: Blake_Bryant
Memphis Tams Jersey Patch
Los Angeles Lakers Alternate Jersey Patch
Toronto Raptors Military Night Jersey Patch
ABA Jersey Pack (Clippers and Bobcats)

Author: Kixv
Boston Celtics Green & Black Jersey Patch
2012 All-Star Ball
Dallas Chaparrals Jersey Patch
Golden State Warriors Black & Yellow Jersey Patch
New Jersey Nets Retro Blue Jersey Patch
Oklahoma City Thunder Carbon Jersey Patch
Orlando Magic Carbon Jersey Patch
Cincinnati Royals Jersey Patch

Author: Mr.Star
Jeremy Lin Face Patch
Amar’e Stoudemire Face Patch

Author: justice13
2012 All-Star Shoe Pack
Nike Hyperdunk Shoe Pack

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NBA 2K12 YouTube Videos of the Week

I had a bit of a busy week this week, so I didn’t go searching YouTube for a bunch of full length NBA 2K12 mixes like I usually do, but I still have my seven uploads from the past week and plenty of direct upload clips from other users. In non-2K12 YouTube videos, Andrew created a very nice Unofficial Fan Trailer for the official NLSC YouTube channel, and I uploaded a couple of highlights of NBA Street 1. After checking out the videos for the week, remember that you can post your videos, or your favorite videos by others, in this Media Thread in the Forum.

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File Additions for NBA Live 2000

Author: Hentzman
Toronto Raptors 2011/2012 Court Patch
Oklahoma City Thunder Court Patch
Minnesota Timberwolves Court Patch
Miami Heat Court Patch
New Orleans Hornets Court Patch
Detroit Pistons Court Patch (Updated to v2.0)
Los Angeles Clippers 2011/2012 Court Patch (Updated to v2.0)
Portland Trailblazers Court Patch (Updated to v2.0)
Sacramento Kings Court Patch (Updated to v2.0)
Washington Wizards 2011/2012 Court Patch (Updated to v2.0)
Indiana Pacers Court Patch (Updated to v2.0)
Boston Celtics Court Patch
Orlando Magic Court Patch
Philadelphia 76ers Court Patch
Golden State Warriors Court Patch
Cleveland Cavaliers Court Patch
Utah Jazz Court Patch
New Jersey Nets Court Patch
Atlanta Hawks Court Patch
Dallas Mavericks Court Patch

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Seventeenth Official NBA 2K12 Roster Update Released

2K Sports have released the seventeenth official roster update for NBA 2K12. As always, the latest update will be downloaded automatically as long as your PC, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 is connected to the Internet and can be accessed by using the Reset Roster function under the Options menu.

If you’re playing the PC version however, you may have to delete the downloads folder within the Online Data folder first, due to yesterday’s problematic update; more info on resolving the issue can be found here. Alternatively, PC users can download the latest roster and online data files here and update the game manually.

The latest roster contains a few more ratings adjustments for players including Dwyane Wade, Paul Millsap, Deron Williams, DeMarcus Cousins and Tyreke Evans. It also features the latest transactions, such as Joel Przybilla signing with the Portland Trailblazers.

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NBA 2K12 PC Patch Coming Next Week

Seriously, this time it might actually come out. Ronnie let out a new Tweet today saying:

We’re probably going to give up on the last DD’s who haven’t approved and release the patch next week.

That would certainly be bad news for whoever bought the game from whatever digital games distributor isn’t approving the patch, but hopefully those companies will just approve the patch after the rest release it. For all the latest NBA 2K12 PC news, which there is quite a lot of right now, check out the Forum. Thank you to Lictor for the heads up.

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NBA 2K12 PC Online Data Update Problem and Workaround

For any of you who have launched NBA 2K12 on your PC today, you may have downloaded a problematic update that includes files intended for the PS3 version of NBA 2K12 and not the PC version. The NBA 2K development team is aware of the issue but until a fix is implemented, there is a workaround for those who are having problems running the game detailed below.

1. Go into the %APPDATA%\2K Sports\NBA 2K12\Online Data folder.
2. Delete the downloads subfolder.
3. Either…
a. Disconnect the internet whenever you start NBA 2K12.
b. Or create a firewall rule that will disable all internet access for NBA 2K12.

You can also download the latest Official Updates from our Downloads section to replace all the files that you deleted.

If you have not played the game and received this update, I suggest blocking NBA 2K12 from accessing the Internet or disabling your Internet connection when you want to play NBA 2K12 until the issue is resolved.

Thanks to Leftos for the workaround. You can follow this topic in our Forum for ongoing discussion of this issue.

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Another Delay for the NBA 2K12 PC Patch

Ronnie has provided us with another update on the delayed patch for NBA 2K12 PC via Twitter.

PC patch got rejected by one of the DD’s unfortunately. And can’t release it until that’s resolved so we’re resubmitting shortly

Some update is better than no update, but I really hope we hear good news sooner rather than later.

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Sixteenth Official NBA 2K12 Roster Update Released

I’m a little late in posting this, but a new official roster update is now available for NBA 2K12. The latest update includes 2012 All-Star rosters (though the Rookies and Sophomores teams remain unchanged due to the new format the NBA used this year), the 2012 All-Star jerseys are now the default home and away jerseys for the East and West All-Stars and a big online data update has added Orlando’s All-Star court, though the menu and overlay text still refers to the Staples Center and Los Angeles.

The updates will be downloaded automatically as long as your PC, Xbox 360 or PlayStation is connected to the Internet. Note that you will need to use the Reset Roster function under the Options menu to get the new rosters to show up. For PC users who would like to update their rosters and online data manually, I’ve updated the package with the latest files here.

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File Additions for NBA Live 08

NBA Live 08 Cover Art

Author: baller42
2011/2012 Season Rosters (Updated to v2.0)

Author: mhikez
New Jersey Nets 2011/2012 Court Patch

Author: Kixv
8 Team Black Jersey Pack
5 Different Colored Molten Balls
Team Adidas Jersey Patch
Chicago Bulls Green Jersey Patch
Cleveland Cavaliers Blue Jersey Patch
Los Angeles Lakers Yellow & Black Jersey Patch
Minnesota Muskies Jersey Patch

Author: ebook22
Portland Trailblazers 2011/2012 Court Patch
2012 NBA All-Star Court Patch

Author: Zeller
LNB 2010 Patch

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File Additions for NBA Live 07

Author: Blake_Bryant
Net Tweak

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EA Announces NBA Live Advisory Council for NBA Live 13

No concrete information, but we received a very interesting announcement from the official NBA Live Facebook page today. EA Sports are taking applications (in 100 words or less) for an Advisory Council that would work alongside and give feedback to the NBA Live 13 Development Team, based out of their Tiburon Studios. Full details can be found in this Facebook post as well as here in the Forum.  I would highly recommend everyone apply for this, even though no details on restrictions have been given.

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NBA Live is Back: Unofficial NBA Live 13 Fan Trailer

In anticipation of the first snippet of news on NBA Live 13 and to celebrate the return of the NBA Live brand, I’ve put together an unofficial fan trailer for NBA Live 13 titled “NBA Live is Back!”. Long time NBA Live fans may recognise the track as “Shak’n the Floor” by Rahzel & The NBA Live Orchestra, which was the main theme for NBA Live 2000.

Check out the trailer below or watch it here over on the NLSC’s YouTube channel if you can’t see the embedded video. I hope you enjoy it, please feel free to leave a comment below or add your thoughts in thread and be sure to join in the rest of the discussion taking place in the NBA Live 13 section of the NLSC Forum!

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2012 NBA All-Star Weekend Concludes

The 2012 NBA All-Star Weekend has come to a close, capped off by an exciting 152-149 victory by the West in the 61st annual All-Star Game. Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder took home MVP honours for the first time in his career, finishing with a team high 36 points to go along with seven rebounds and three assists. Kobe Bryant passed Michael Jordan to become the all-time scoring leader in All-Star history, while Dwyane Wade became the third player to record a triple double in the game.

Quickly recapping the rest of the Weekend, Team Chuck won the Rising Stars Challenge, Team New York won the Shooting Stars event, Tony Parker was victorious in the Skills Challenge, Kevin Love eked out the win in the Three Point Contest and Jeremy Evans captured the Slam Dunk contest crown. What are your thoughts on the 2012 NBA All-Star Weekend? Leave a comment below or join in the discussion here in the NLSC Forum!

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NBA 2K12 YouTube Videos of the Week

Yet again, I have listed plenty of fresh NBA 2K12 YouTube videos for your viewing pleasure. I am still updating my personal YouTube channel with daily clip uploads, and starting this week I will be including more variety by using other patchers’ mods such as the Ultimate Base Roster by HAWK23. I have six different full length mixes in this week’s feature, a couple featuring the All Star game, as well as two Jeremy Lin mixes, including Shady00018’s mix which was featured on Kotaku this week. To round it off, I have picked out some of my favorite direct uploads from the console versions of NBA 2K12. The official NLSC YouTube channel has been updated this week as well, with the soundtracks of older NBA Live games.

So click past the jump to look at all of the featured videos of the week, and be sure to check out the media thread in the Forum to share your own videos with the community.

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