NBA 2K12 Jersey Tool Released (ModdingWay)

Our friends over at ModdingWay have released another fantastic tool for NBA 2K12 in the wake of their Cyberface Exporter/Importer, a Jersey Textures Importer/Exporter. As the name would suggest, the tool allow you to export and import NBA 2K12’s jersey textures, making it the program that jersey patchers have been waiting for.

Get it here in our Downloads section and see the release thread here in the Forum for additional release notes, troubleshooting info and to report any issues you may experience. A big thanks once again to the guys from ModdingWay for their hard work and a reminder to all jersey patchers that you can upload your releases for free, reliable hosting in our Downloads section.

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File Additions for NBA 2K12

Author: JaoSming
Replay Target Remover

Author: tnt23
2K12 All-Time All-Stars (Updated)

Author: pzea
Derrick Rose Face Update

Author: erikas314
Jonas Valanciunas Face Update

Author: Michaelvlutz49
Shadow Stadium Mod (with Backboard Fix)
Original Global Update
Real NBA Basketball Update

Author: wtferrell
Nick Young Afro

Author: West 44
Derrick Williams Face

Author: Joe James
LED Dornas – Pack 4

Author: Dmayne
Nike Air Go LWP

Author: utp1985
Chicago Bulls Jersey

Author: kc2135
All Rookies (with black arms)

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NBA 2K11 & NBA 2K12 Face Comparison Video

Forum user Rangez (aka Mr2KImpossible) has posted a video with side-by-side comparisons of player faces in NBA 2K11 and NBA 2K12.

Check it out on his YouTube channel here if you can’t see the embedded video and post your thoughts in this thread or leave a comment below.

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File Additions for NBA Live 08

NBA Live 08 Cover Art

Author: Zeller
2011 NTeams Jerseys (Updated)

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File Additions for NBA Live 2003

Author: Timrock
Complete Boston Celtics Jersey Patch
2010/11 Cleveland Cavaliers Replica Fantasy Court Patch
USA Basketball/Dream Team Jersey Patch

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NBA 2K12 Cyberface Tool Released (ModdingWay)

The guys over at ModdingWay have released the initial version (0.5) of their NBA 2K12 Cyberface Textures Exporter/Importer, which as the name would imply is a utility that allows you to export and import NBA 2K12’s cyberface texture files.

You can find the tool here in our Downloads section and check out additional release notes and previews, as well as get support and report any issues you encounter in this release thread. For all those who will be making face updates for NBA 2K12, don’t forget that our new Downloads section features an upload function, so that we can provide quick, easy and free hosting to the modding community.

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NBA Jam: OFE Reviews (SportsGamerShow & GamePro)

SportsGamerShow’s Rio Pesino has posted a video review of NBA Jam: On Fire Edition.

GamePro have also posted a review of the game, awarding it four stars out of five. Don’t forget to check out my review here and add your thoughts on NBA Jam: On Fire Edition in The Virtual Hardwood section of the NLSC Forum.

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File Additions for NBA 2K12

Author: sonofapharmacist
Updated Rookie Roster + Most FAs

NBA STREET V1 Xbox 360

Author: erikas314
Brooklyn Nets Logo

Author: JoeJames
LED Dornas – Pack 2
LED Dornas – Pack 3

Author: Michaelvlutz49
Shadow Mode with Real Muscles & Sweat

Author: furiouz08
Brooklyn Nets Fictional Jersey

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Andrew’s NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Review (Xbox 360)

Having spent almost two weeks playing NBA Jam: On Fire Edition and posting some preliminary impressions in the NLSC Forum, I’m ready to give my full review of the game. Being a fan of NBA Jam from back in the day, I was intrigued by the idea of Real AI from the very first time it was mentioned in previews, wondering just what impact it could have on the game. I was also keen to see what the game had to offer in terms of its new modes, Road Trip and the Online Arena. With enhanced gameplay, new game modes, more legends, more special teams and players and better online functionality, the question is: does NBA Jam: On Fire Edition live up to the hype?

The short answer…yes. The long answer…well, read on.

Read More »

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NBA 2K12 Patch Out for 360; PS3 Coming Soon

2K Sports have released a title update for the Xbox 360 version of NBA 2K12, which is intended to address various online issues with the game. The patch does not contain any gameplay or game mode fixes, though it’s likely such an update will be made available at a later time. Ronnie 2K has indicated that the patch has been submitted to Sony, so PlayStation 3 users should be receiving it in the not too distant future.

Unfortunately PC users will once again have to wait for any kind of update, though Ronnie indicated on Twitter that the PC version “probably” would be receiving a combined patch at a later date. As mentioned in previous bulletins, official roster updates for all versions will have to wait until the lockout is over.

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Da Czar’s Strategy Session: Fundamentals of contesting the shot

The sixth episode of Da Czar’s Strategy Session series is out now and covers the basics of contesting shots in NBA 2K12. The video goes in-depth in explaining how different ways of contesting shots affect the quality of an opponent’s attempt.

Once again, if you have any problems viewing the embedded video you can watch it over on YouTube. For more Czar content, be sure to visit the Sim Citi blog.

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Da Czar’s Strategy Session: Understanding Shot Indicators

I missed posting this yesterday but for those who haven’t seen it, Da Czar posted the fifth episode in his Strategy Session series. The episode contains a rundown of the shot indicators in NBA 2K12.

If you can’t see the embedded video, you’ll find it here on YouTube. See more from Czar over on Sim Citi.

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NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Video: Boom SHAQA Montage

EA Sports have released a new NBA Jam: On Fire Edition video, in which Shaq reads some custom dunk calls submitted by Jam fans via the official Facebook page.

If you can’t see the embedded video, watch it here over on our YouTube channel. Remember you can talk about NBA Jam: On Fire Edition in The Virtual Hardwood section of the Forum.

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Dynasty & Association Story of the Year 2011

Voting is now underway to determine the Dynasty & Association Story of the Year for 2011. The contest is an initiative to spotlight some of the best Dynasty and Association story threads posted in the Dynasty & Association Stories section of the NLSC Forum over the past year.

Martti. is once again running the contest, so all votes should be sent in to him via PM. Please note that voting will end November 1st, you cannot vote for your own thread and the thread must have been updated within the past six months. After the top five are decided, a final vote will be cast to select the Story of the Year.

For more information, please see this thread and be sure to check out the many fantastic Dynasty and Association stories here in the Forum. For those looking to start their own story thread, you can get a lot of fantastic tips for getting started and keeping your thread maintained in this guide.

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File Additions for NBA 2K12

Author: Dmayne
Retro Shoepack

Author: michaelvlutz49
Shadow Mode Stadium
Improved Floor Reflections (All Courts)
Shadow Mode Global

Author: Gammah
Versus Scoreboard

D-League Uniforms for NBA Teams – Xbox 360

Author: kc2135
Rookie Roster

Author: JoeJames
LED Dornas – Pack 1

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