NBA Live Advisory Council Reports

The first reports from the NBA Live Advisory Council event are starting to come out. You can check out Mario Drake’s Minati Journal over on the official NBA Live forums for his running diary of the event, as well as Corey Andress’ first diary entry here over on his new site,

While the guys are under Non Disclosure Agreements and can’t say too much about NBA Live 13 itself at this time, both have expressed confidence in the new Dev Team at EA Tiburon and a positive outlook towards the finished product based on what they saw and their hands-on time with the game. Be sure to check out both reports and then join in the discussion of NBA Live 13 here in the NLSC Forum!

File Additions for NBA 2K12

NBA 2K12 fans, be sure to check out today’s file additions: a new superglobal, updated rosters and a face update for Nathan Jawai, converted from NBA 2K11.

Superglobal Collision Blast 5.1 with khowel24 Realistic Shadow Mod v3

Linsanity NBA 2K12 Roster Update (Updated to v4.0)

Nathan Jawai Face

File Additions for NBA Live 06

Looking for some NBA Live 06 jersey updates? Look no further than today’s file additions, which include jersey packs for the Raptors and Thunder as well as a new update for the Washington Wizards.

Toronto Raptors Jersey Pack
Oklahoma City Thunder Jersey Pack
Washington Wizards 2011/2012 Jersey Patch

Second NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Roster Update Now Available

As I previously speculated here, a new roster update for NBA Jam: On Fire Edition was indeed in the works and is now available to download. To get the update, simply go to the Online Arena and the new roster will be downloaded automatically, along with all the necessary assets.

In addition to updating the rosters accurate as of the trade deadline, the second roster update also adds the following players: Kyrie Irving, Jimmer Fredette, Jeremy Lin, Derrick Williams, Tristan Thompson, Brandon Knight, Kemba Walker, MarShon Brooks, Nene, DeAndre Jordan, Darren Collison, Aaron Afflalo, Roy Hibbert and Kyle Lowry. It seems that the new players are not called by their names, suggesting that no audio updates are included, but their addition to the game certainly balances out the rosters after the first update left a couple of teams’ lineups very thin.

New NBA 2K12 Official Roster Update (April 13th) Now Available

A new official roster update for NBA 2K12 has gone live, containing rosters accurate through April 13th, 2012. The update will come through automatically as long as your PC, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 is connected to the Internet and your game is up to date with the official patch. Once it is downloaded, the new roster can be loaded by using the Reset Roster function under the Options Menu.

PC users who would prefer to update their game manually may download this pack, which has been updated with a copy of the latest roster and all the online data files. As per the NBA 2K Insider, Kevin Seraphin, Goran Dragic, Brandan Wright and Greivis Vasquez are among the players receiving boosts to their ratings this week while Jamal Crawford’s ratings have been decreased. Check out a video overview of the latest rosters here courtesy of Operation Sports and be sure to follow the NBA 2K Insider on Twitter to provide feedback for future roster updates.

NBA 2K12 Now Available via Games on Demand

Xbox 360 users can now purchase NBA 2K12 via digital download through Games on Demand. It’s available at a cost of $39.99 US and does not include the Legends Showcase downloadable content, which can be purchased separately for 800 Microsoft Points.

For more information, check out the Xbox Live Marketplace listing here.

File Additions for NBA Live 08

NBA Live 08 Cover Art

We’ve got a couple of new file additions for NBA Live 08 today, a new intro movie and a high quality Washington Wizards jersey update. Download them at the links below!

NBA Forever Intro 480p (Updated to v2.0)

Washington Wizards 2011/2012 Jersey Patch

File Additions for NBA Live 07

Anyone still playing NBA Live 07 should check out today’s file additions, which include a custom player indicator and a new ESPN Pause Menu update.

Custom Indicator Patch
ESPN Pause Menu Patch

NBA Live Advisory Council Visit Underway

The members of the first NBA Live Advisory Council are currently visiting EA’s Tiburon studio, meeting with the producers and getting some hands on time with NBA Live 13. It’s unlikely that they will be able to say too much about the game at this time but you can follow them on Twitter to send in any questions you may have and read what they are allowed to pass along. Council member and EA Game Changer Shawn Drotar has posted a handy list of the Council’s Twitter handles, which you can find here.

EA Sports are also inviting more fan feedback via this post on the official NBA Live Facebook page. And of course, we invite you to discuss your hopes and ideas for NBA Live 13 here in the NLSC Forum; as you can see from this post, the developers are keeping tabs on our Forum, so let your voice be heard!

File Additions for NBA Live 08

NBA Live 08 Cover Art

Today’s file additions for NBA Live 08 include a collection of oustanding face updates, a 2012 All-Star practice court and the latest Mega Shoe Pack!

12 Rookies & 8 Veterans Face Pack

2012 NBA All-Star Practice Court Patch

TanyaMarkovA Mega Shoe Pack #3

File Additions for NBA Live 2000

Anyone looking to play NBA Live 2000 using current rosters and team art should check out today’s file additions, which include a couple of new courts and a 2011/2012 season roster update.

NBA Live 2000 2011/2012 Roster Update
Houston Rockets Court Patch
Memphis Grizzlies Court Patch

File Additions for NBA Live 08

NBA Live 08 Cover Art

If you’re in need of some jersey updates for NBA Live 08 then look no further than today’s file additions, which include a new high quality update for the Washington Wizards and a pack containing nine ABA Hardwood Classic night jerseys.

ABA Jersey Pack 2012
Denver Nuggets Retro Jersey Patch
Indiana Pacers Retro Jersey Patch

Washington Wizards 2011/2012 Jersey Patch

Changes to our Downloads section

NLSC Logo - Stitching

We’ve made a couple of changes to our Downloads section, which we hope will make it more user-friendly for everyone. Files no longer need to be approved in most sections, allowing contributors to upload their work and have it immediately available to the public. We hope this will encourage everyone to use our upload facilities and further cut down on the need to use external file hosting services, as we strive to provide the community with free, reliable hosting and thus avoid losing updates as time goes by.

We’ve also added some contributor notes to the top of each section, which contain a few tips and reminders for anyone looking to upload their files. Please drop us a line if you have any questions or issues regarding our Downloads section and a big thanks as always to everyone who has contributed their work so far!

File Additions for NBA 2K12

Today’s file additions for NBA 2K12 include new versions of HAWK23’s Ultimate Base Roster and champione’s 2012 Draft Class With Faces, along with a couple of new face updates for role players Chris Johnson and James Singleton.

Chris Johnson Face
James Singleton Face

Ultimate Base Roster V11 [179 Retro/Legend Teams + 30 Updated Current Teams] (Updated to v11.0)

2012 Draft Class With Faces (Updated to v4.0)

New NLSC Team Member: Leftos

NLSC Logo - Stitching

Please join me in welcoming Leftos to the NLSC Team! Leftos has been a very productive member of our community, providing us with some excellent utilities for NBA 2K12 including the Global Editor, Keep My Mod and Miracle My Jersey. You may have also seen him providing helpful advice around the NLSC Forum, such as these efforts to develop an unofficial fix for some of the random crashing issues in NBA 2K12.

Be on the lookout for more great stuff from Leftos coming soon. We’ll likely be looking to add some more people to the NLSC Team before too long, so please stay tuned for more info on future opportunities.