Update on next EA NBA sim details

A couple of days ago I posted a bulletin that included a video talking about EA Sports’ next NBA sim game, which will be coming out later this year. Further inquiries with EA have revealed that the information provided in the video is inaccurate, as no details about the upcoming game have been made available as yet except that the series formerly known as NBA Live will be making its return this year after a two year hiatus.

Concrete details about the game are still likely to start coming in the not too distant future however, at which point we’ll be sure to report them here on the NLSC. We’ll hopefully be able to conduct some interviews and Q&As as we’ve done in the past, as well as provide some preview media when it becomes available to us. The new dev team at EA Tiburon were very receptive to our Wishlist and Wishlist Supplements, which featured the most detailed feedback we’ve ever submitted, so hopefully we can have a positive impact on the game and the series can make a strong comeback this year. Stay tuned for more details as they’re confirmed and made available.

Twelfth Official NBA 2K12 Roster Update Released

The twelfth official roster update for NBA 2K12 is now available. As long as your PC, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 is connected to the Internet, the update should be downloaded automatically. The new rosters can be accessed by using the Reset Roster function under the Options menu; please note that you may have to reset the rosters a couple of times before they show up.

In addition to updated lineups, the new roster contains further changes to player ratings and accessories. As per this Tweet from the NBA 2K Insider, the following players have received significant ratings updates:

Biggest Movers included Kevin Love, Roddy Beaubois, Brandon Knight while Metta World Peace, Amar’e Stoudemire, Wes Johnson were downgraded.

For those who would like to download the latest official rosters for PC manually (including the latest Online Data updates), you may do so here in our Downloads section. Any feedback should be sent to the NBA 2K Insider here on Twitter.

NBA 2K12 User YouTube Videos of the Week

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Week 2 and still going strong. I’ve continued to have daily uploads to my personal YouTube channel and found some great plays uploaded by other users from NBA 2K12. Click Read More to check them out, and remember that you can check out all the official media from the NBA 2K and NBA Live/Elite series on the NLSC YouTube channel.

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File Additions for NBA Live 2000

Author: Hentzman
Indiana Pacers Court Patch
Milwaukee Bucks Court Patch
Minnesota Timberwolves Court Patch
Fictional Orlando 2012 All-Star Court Patch
Denver Nuggets Court Patch

File Additions for NBA 2K12

Author: JoeJames
Denver Nuggets Uniforms (Updated to v2.5)

Author: Dmayne
Penny Foamposite HD

Author: wilson27
Jermareo Davidson Face

Details on next EA NBA Sim Coming Soon (Hip Hop Gamer Show)

Hip Hop Gamer Show are reporting that there will be a reveal for EA Sports’ next NBA sim very soon, possibly within a couple of weeks, and offer up a few details on the game in a video that was posted a few days ago. You can check out the video embedded below, with the segment on the game beginning around the 6:40 mark.

The video hints at an upcoming event that the next sim game may be a part of before going on to talk about what EA will be looking to accomplish with physics and animations, enhanced audio presentation via EA Trax, press conference interviews, all new graphics and the presence of taunting and player emotion. It also mentions possible NCAA integration in the next NBA game making for two games in one, which would be a huge addition to the series formerly known as NBA Live.

Be sure to check out the video and add your thoughts in the comments below or in this thread; thanks to J-Hood for the heads up! Keep it locked here at the NLSC for more coverage of the next NBA sim from EA Sports as new details are made available.

UPDATE: It appears as though the information in this video is inaccurate, as no concrete details on EA’s next NBA sim have been revealed as yet.

File Additions for NBA Live 07

Author: Blake_Bryant
ESPN Transition Patch
2D Crowd Update

Author: NBA Serbia

Please note that NT LIVE 07 is an old release that has been re-uploaded for archive purposes.

File Additions for NBA Live 08

NBA Live 08 Cover Art

Author: jd12
JD12’s Philippine Courts Pack

Author: 56NBA
Current NBA Referee Uniform

Author: Mr.Star
2011/2012 Portrait Pack

Author: KiD iNk
Brad Miller Face Patch

File Additions for NBA 2K12

Author: Dmayne
Nike Air Max CB-94 HD
Nike Air Total Max Uptempo HD

Author: CLOS2K
Kevin Love Face

Author: Allyc4t
Charlotte Bobcats Fantasy Home Jersey

Author: XpLosibo
Shawn Marion Face
George Hill Face
Beno Udrih Face

Author: Leftos
Superglobal Codename Moose (Updated to v2.5)

NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Roster Update Video

With the release of the roster update for NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, I’ve put together a short video containing gameplay clips featuring players that have changed teams including Chris Paul, Richard Hamilton, Vince Carter and Lamar Odom. Watch it out below or check it out here over on the NLSC’s YouTube channel if you can’t see the embedded video.

It’s currently still unknown whether this will be the first and last roster update for the game, or whether there’ll be further updates that add this year’s rookies and any future trades that occur. As soon as any new information is made available, we’ll be sure to post it. Remember you can discuss the new roster update here in the NLSC Forum and if you haven’t yet picked up NBA Jam: On Fire Edition and are considering doing so, be sure to check out the demo and my review of the game here. You can also check out our post-release developer Q&A here.

NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Roster Updates Now Available

The long-awaited roster updates for NBA Jam: On Fire Edition are now finally available! Boot up the game and go to the Online Arena to automatically begin downloading the new rosters and the required assets.

Glancing at the rosters, it doesn’t appear as though any new players have been added, so no rookies apart from Ricky Rubio. However, existing players have been moved to their new teams with Chris Paul joining the Clippers, David West now playing for the Pacers and Lamar Odom is on the Mavericks to name just a few. This has left the rosters for some teams a little thin, such as the Cleveland Cavaliers who now only have two active players. Other teams however now find themselves with much deeper rosters, with the Dallas Mavericks now boasting six active players in addition to their legends and mascot.

It remains to be seen if any further roster updates will be released to add rookies and account for any future transactions. Post your thoughts on the roster updates in the comments below or in this thread.

JaoSming’s Predictions: X Factors

My series of prediction articles end today as I discuss some of the X Factors 2K and EA could bring to the simulation basketball video game world. Thank you for checking out all of the articles and feel free to comment on each. If you want to write your own article, remember that we have The Soapbox which allows NLSC members to get articles on this main site.

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File Additions for NBA Live 2003

Author: Timrock
Washington Wizards 2011/2012 Court Patch
2010/2011 Orlando Magic Jersey Patch
Adidas Vibe/Vibe Revolution Jersey Patch
2011/2012 Washington Wizards Jersey Patch
2009/2010 Houston Rockets Jersey Patch
Complete New York Knicks Jersey Patch
Chicago Bulls Jersey Patch
Complete Oklahoma City Thunder Jersey Patch
Complete Dallas Mavericks Jersey Patch
Toronto Huskies Jersey Patch

NBA 2K12 YouTube Uploads of the Week

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Rather than build up footage of my mods to turn into full length mixes, I have been putting all my upload worthy plays in NBA 2K12 up on my YouTube Channel. I also regularly check for recent NBA 2K12 direct uploads to YouTube, so if you click to read more you can check out all my uploads for the week, as well as my favorite direct uploads from other users.

I’ll also post any full length mixes that come out. If you don’t want to wait for the end of the week to see my uploads and liked videos, you can to Subscribe to my channel, and be sure to check out the Official NLSC YouTube Channel for all the official trailers from the NBA Live and NBA 2K series. If you want to see your videos featured, be sure to post them in this thread, or comment below so I can subscribe to your YouTube account.

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JaoSming’s Predictions: Special Teams

When we buy EA or 2K’s NBA game we expect to play as the 30 current NBA teams. We expect that the rosters will be updated daily thanks to the precedent set by Living Rosters and DNA updates. And we will expect to play as the Brooklyn Nets for the ’13 games. In my opinion, the special teams in an NBA game can have a drastic effect on the game’s replayability, so that is what I will look at today.

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