NBA 2K12 YouTube Uploads of the Week

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Rather than build up footage of my mods to turn into full length mixes, I have been putting all my upload worthy plays in NBA 2K12 up on my YouTube Channel. I also regularly check for recent NBA 2K12 direct uploads to YouTube, so if you click to read more you can check out all my uploads for the week, as well as my favorite direct uploads from other users.

I’ll also post any full length mixes that come out. If you don’t want to wait for the end of the week to see my uploads and liked videos, you can to Subscribe to my channel, and be sure to check out the Official NLSC YouTube Channel for all the official trailers from the NBA Live and NBA 2K series. If you want to see your videos featured, be sure to post them in this thread, or comment below so I can subscribe to your YouTube account.

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JaoSming’s Predictions: Special Teams

When we buy EA or 2K’s NBA game we expect to play as the 30 current NBA teams. We expect that the rosters will be updated daily thanks to the precedent set by Living Rosters and DNA updates. And we will expect to play as the Brooklyn Nets for the ’13 games. In my opinion, the special teams in an NBA game can have a drastic effect on the game’s replayability, so that is what I will look at today.

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File Additions for NBA 2K12

Author: JaoSming
Retro Uniforms and Courts

Author: RapboY
Kendrick Perkins Face

Author: Michaelvlutz49
Stiff Jersey Physics

Author: Dmyane
Air Penny II HD

Author: Leftos
Superglobal Codename Moose (Updated to v2.2)
Keep My Mod (Updated to v0.2.2.3)

Author: solovoy
solovoy’s Portraits Pack (Updated to v4.1)

Author: XpLosibo
Joakim Noah Face
Donatas Motiejunas Face

Author: LG-1
LG-1 Updated Rosters as of Jan 28th (Updated to v2.0)

Author: HAWK23
Ultimate Base Roster V3 [COMPLETE UPDATE] (Updated to v3.0)

JaoSming’s Predictions: Franchise Modes

Today I am going to lay out my predictions regarding the franchise modes in the basketball games coming out in the fall of 2012. Even though these modes are played for the longest periods of time by the most hardcore of basketball gamers, they rarely get any huge updates to make the mode more accessible. With that in mind, take a look at my predictions for Association and Dynasty modes for NBA 2K13 and EA NBA 13.

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JaoSming’s Predictions: Career Modes

Writing about those online ideas I had yesterday really got me hyped for this year’s games. I really hope I am right with those predictions since the online stability and utilization in basketball games is severely lacking. Today I am looking at the core single player experience in each game, My Player and Become Legendary (or Be a Pro). Even though Become Legendary hasn’t successfully debuted yet, I am still expecting it to be featured in EA’s next NBA simulation game.

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Eleventh Official NBA 2K12 Roster Update Released

The eleventh official roster update for NBA 2K12 is now available and can be obtained automatically as long as your PC, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 is connected to the Internet. You can access the latest roster update by using the Reset Roster function under the Options menu; please note that you may have to reset the rosters a couple of times before the latest update shows up. As always, I recommend saving a copy of the new rosters once they’ve been loaded.

Glancing at the new update, it does not appear as though any new players have been added, however injury status has now been cleared for all players. This has presumably been done for the benefit of Online Association, which has also received the roster update and according to Ronnie, will be in line with future updates moving forward. Although no players are flagged as injured in the latest update, the roster does include updated rotations with players who are currently out of action appearing on the inactive list for their respective teams.

JaoSming’s Predictions: Online

One aspect that EA dominated 2K in year after year was NBA Live’s online speed and consistency. NBA 2K10 made a run at Live 10 with its My Player centric Crew mode, but simply being able to handle the amount of players online pushed Live 10’s multiplayer ahead. For the upcoming games EA will have to contend with Online Associations and new additions 2K will bring to the online table.

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New NBA 2K12 Roster Update Out This Week

Ronnie has posted a Tweet regarding the next official roster update for NBA 2K12, which will apparently be available before the weekend is through.

There will be another roster update before the end of weekend & it will reflect in OA. OA rosters should be inline w/ regular going forward

In response to a question, he also suggested that the roster updates will be likely be coming out once a week from here on out, barring a big move. Remember that you can also follow the NBA 2K Insider here on Twitter and provide constructive feedback for future roster updates.

JaoSming’s Predictions: Gameplay

Graphics are important to me in a basketball video game, but what keeps me playing throughout the year is 100% gameplay. Today I am going to lay out my predictions for the gameplay changes I think each game will implement next year. Click Read More to take a look at my predictions.

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File Additions for NBA Live 08

NBA Live 08 Cover Art

Author: TanyaMarkovA
Sacramento Kings Jersey Patch

Author: justice13
Nike Kobe 7 Shoe Patch
Adizero Shoe Patch #2

JaoSming’s Predictions: Graphics

So far I have made some predictions on the cover athlete and presentation elements of NBA 2K13 and the return to simulation basketball gaming from EA. So far my predictions have been pretty safe, but graphics have always been a grey area for sports games with drastic improvements seemingly coming out of the blue. What do I think will happen this year? Click Read More and find out.

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File Additions for NBA 2K12

Author: RapboY
Kevin Love Face

Author: JoeJames
ABA Uniforms Set

Author: saints
saints Roster

Author: Leftos
Superglobal Codename Moose (Updated to v2.0)

Author: HAWK23
Ultimate Base Roster [COMPLETE UPDATE] (Updated to v2.0)

Author: Michaelvlutz49
Real Jersey Physics

Author: Dmayne

Author: XpLosibo
Kobe Bryant Face
Kosta Koufos Face
JJ Redick Face

NBA 2K12 Jersey Codes

2K Sports have revealed some new jersey unlock codes for NBA 2K12 via the official Facebook page. These must be entered on the Codes screen, which can be found under Extras in the Features menu.

Hcsilapadatu -Secondary Road Unis (76ers/Jazz/Kings/Mavericks)
Ibyasmliancbhlald – Christmas Unis (Bulls/Celtics/Heat/Knicks/Lakers/Mavericks)
Albkbinkcca – Heat: Back in Black
Liyrimta – Raptors: Military Night

It seems the codes are only for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of NBA 2K12 however, as they do not appear to work for the PC version of the game.

JaoSming’s Predictions: Presentation

Yesterday I attempted to predict which NBA players will show up on the covers of EA’s simulation NBA game coming out this fall and NBA 2K13. Today I am looking at each games’ presentation, making some ill-advised predictions, and sharing some of my wishlist items. Read on to check them out.

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JaoSming’s Predictions: Cover Athlete

As previously outlined by Andrew, basketball gamers have a lot to look forward to in the coming fall of 2012. The return of EA’s NBA simulation game and yet another iteration of NBA 2K should destroy our free time and cause many sick days for working and student gamers.

Following my “successful” predictions about NBA 2K12 last year, I thought I would make another run at predicting what features the upcoming basketball games will have this coming fall. Although this year I plan on adding in some personal wishlist ideas as well.

Just to get it out of the way, I will first attempt to predict who the cover athlete will be for both games. I still feel that some basketball gamers put too much emphasis on the cover athlete to decide which game they buy. But if I could look past NBA 2K10’s Kobe Bryant cover, then I hope everyone else will decide by the game itself instead of the cover.

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