EdotD aka MomentousCeltic – NBA 2K12 Demo Mix

EdotD aka Isoachieved aka MomentousCeltic has made a little mix featuring Caron Butler in the NBA 2K12 demo.

Ugh, there is still much to learn.  I guess this demo has a lot more to offer than I initially thought.  Be sure to stop by the Demo Impressions Thread to share your thoughts.

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NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Video: Online Progression Diary

GameTrailers have posted a new NBA Jam: On Fire Edition video, in which producer Cody Sawatsky talks about online content in this year’s game including Jam Challenges, Jam bucks and unlockables, as well as giving a brief rundown of Road Trip and Arena.

Watch it here if you can’t see the embedded video and post your thoughts here in the Forum.
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NBA 2K12 Demo Footage from ThaLiveKing

Forum member ThaLiveKing has some footage of the demo up on his YouTube channel.

You can check out his other videos and give your own impressions of the NBA 2K12 demo in this Impressions Thread.

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JaoSming’s Initial NBA 2K12 Demo Impressions (Updated)

I just spent some early morning time with NBA 2K12’s demo and here are my impressions (feel free to post yours here).  If you don’t want to read, just know that the demo doesn’t come close to the hyped up expectations for this game.  Limited options and a stripped down gameplay effort makes me think that they would have been better off releasing the demo after the release rather than two weeks before it.

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NBA 2K12 Demo Out Now

The NBA 2K12 demo is now available to download from the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network Store. It is 1.1 GB in size and features one four minute quarter of gameplay between the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat. Please note that the demo does not feature any commentary, sliders, options, additional camera views etc and you cannot run plays.

I’ll be posting my impressions of the demo within the next day or so, remember you can share yours in this thread in the NBA 2K12 section of the NLSC Forum or post them in the comments below.

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NBA 2K12 Developer Interview; Online Association Confirmed

2KTV have posted a video interview with Chris Snyder, in which he provides a rundown of what to expect in NBA 2K12. He notably confirms the inclusion of Online Association play, which was first revealed by the unveiling of the game’s Xbox Live Achievements.

If you can’t view the embedded video, watch it here on YouTube and post your reactions to the interview here in the Forum.

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NBA 2K12 Developer Insight #10 – Controls

The tenth Developer Insight for NBA 2K12 has been posted over on the official Facebook page. This time, senior game designer Mike Wang checks in to talk about the controls in NBA 2K12.

Mike begins the Insight talking about the improvements to ballhandling in NBA 2K12, including the removal of the “hunchback” dribbling animations, refinements to speed and explosiveness of players, the blowout dribble and sizeups. He goes on to talk about the new tech used in shooting controls and Signature Styles called Shot Compositing, improvements to the code for changing shots and the “flick flick” shots and some of the defensive tools that can be used to counter the new and improved offensive moves. Finally, Mike mentions some changes to free throw shooting in this year’s game including more realistic timing windows and error margins depending on a player’s free throw shooting ability.

Be sure to give it a read and leave a comment below with your thoughts or join in the discussion here in the NBA 2K12 section of the NLSC Forum.

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NBA 2K12 Control Screenshots (Operation Sports)

2K Sports has provided Operation Sports with some exclusive screenshots which detail the controls in NBA 2K12. There are ten screenshots in all which explain advanced offense, on-ball defense, Isomotion, passing, the shot stick, triple threat moves, post shots, post moves and the default basic controls on offense and defense.

Be sure to check them out here in Operation Sports’ NBA 2K12 gallery and then have your say in the comments or this thread in our Forum. Remember that the NBA 2K12 demo will be available on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network in a matter of hours, so it won’t be long before we get to try out the new moves and controls for ourselves.

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NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Info-Dump (IGN)

IGN have posted an article providing an “info-dump” for NBA Jam: On Fire Edition. It features creative director Trey Smith providing a rundown of pretty much every key feature and improvement in this year’s game including gameplay, AI, new moves, unlockables and the online modes. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’d like an overview of what to expect in NBA Jam: On Fire Edition.

Interestingly, Trey hinted that fans who bought NBA Jam last year and have a save file handy may be able to enjoy some sort of bonus feature. When asked about the possibility, he responded:

I can’t give you an answer to that, but we’re very cognizant that we have a fan base that’s out there, that’s established, that came along with us for the first ride. We learned a lot, that first time through, and we’re very happy that people showed up. If it wasn’t for the fans that showed up the first time, there’s no way that we would have gotten a second kick at the can with this one, so it’s obviously in our best interests to try to give thanks back, and that’s about all I can say.

What do you think might be in store for players with an NBA Jam save file? What are your thoughts on the game a couple of weeks out from its release? Leave a comment below or add your thoughts here in the Forum.

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NBA 2K12 Hands-On Preview #2 (Operation Sports)

Steve over at Operation Sports has posted his impressions of NBA 2K12.  It’s well worth the read but the biggest new information from the preview is new crowd interactions with the ball, standing alleyoops, areha-specific broadcast camera views and the ability to retire at any time in My Player.

After you check out the preview, head into this Forum topic and let us know what you think.

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2012 Version of NCAA 2K11 Released

Updated for this coming season, the latest version of the NCAA mod for NBA 2K11 PC has been released.

The mod started off with just baseball110 and myself, then behind user behindshadows the mod gained support through cyberface, jersey, and arena patchers expanding it larger than I could have imagined.   You can download the mod right here and please drop by the Forum thread too.

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NBA 2K12 NBA’s Greatest Screenshot: ’96 Bulls & Sonics

Scottie Pippen’s NBA’s Greatest game between the 1996 Chicago Bulls and Seattle Supersonics is in the spotlight today, as 2K Sports have released another new screenshot via the official NBA 2K12 Facebook page.

Have your say here in the NLSC Forum or leave a comment below. The screenshot has also been added to our gallery.

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Beta NCAA Elite 12 Mod for NBA Live 08 Released

Thanks to the efforts of #jetsfool and a handful of other patchers, a beta version of the NCAA Elite 12 Mod for NBA Live 08 is now available to download! Please note that some player faces are currently missing and as a beta release, there is still some work to be done here and there. You can find the download links below.

You’ll also find the release thread for the mod here in the NBA Live 08 section of the Forum. Patchers, please note that #jetsfool is still on the lookout for people to help out with future releases of the NCAA Elite 12 mod, so if you’re willing and able to lend a hand please let him know ASAP.

NCAA Elite 12 (Artwork)
NCAA Elite 12 (Faces)
NCAA Elite 12 (Roster)
NCAA Elite 12 (Stadium)

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REDitor II v2.2 Released

Vl@d Zola Jr. has released a new version (v2.2) of REDitor II for NBA 2K11 and NBA 2K10. The latest version contains several bug fixes and also adds support for roster files from the Xbox 360 version of NBA 2K11. With the release of NBA 2K12 right around the corner, Vl@d has also lowered the prices for the different licenses that are available to purchase.

You can download the latest version here. You can also check out the release thread here in the NLSC Forum for the full release notes for v2.2 and general information on REDitor II. Any issues or bug reports should also be posted there.

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Retro Gaming: Getting old NBA Lives to run on new PCs

For anyone interested in taking a trip down memory lane and playing some of the older NBA Live titles on new PCs, benji has been exploring ways of getting them to run using VMWare and DOSBox. It seems most people are still able to run NBA Live 2003 PC onwards but if you’re looking to fish out your copy of NBA Live 2001 or earlier and give it a look for old time’s sake, be sure to check out this thread for more information.

Speaking of the older NBA Live titles, while there aren’t too many people releasing updates for them these days, uploads are still welcome and we still main a collection of patches and utilities for them in our Downloads section, along with resources in our Wiki.

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