NBA 2K12 My Player Week – Day 2 – Billboards

Day 2 of NBA 2K12’s My Player week starts off with a picture of Ronnie2K’s My Player on a huge billboard with his team’s hometown of Minneapolis as the background.

My Player Career of Ronnie2K – Outdoor Billboards: Thanks to a promising start, the Minnesota Timberwolves put dollars behind marketing their new star SG, Ronnie. All around the city, outdoor signage goes up. This is just one of the many prominent examples around town

Another screenshot coming in about 6 hours.

Rookies in NBA 2K12 & Other Information (OS)

aholbert32 over at Operation Sports got a look at the retail version of NBA 2K12 in Washington DC today and is posting impressions and taking questions in this thread in the OS forums.

Of note, rookie art and other information is in the game, but will not be used until a roster update adds them.  You can check out some of the other tidbits of information in our Forum thread here.

NBA 2K12 My Player Week – Day 1 – The Draft

More details on NBA 2K12’s My Player mode have just been posted over on the official Facebook page, along with yet another screenshot. The latest post reveals that David Stern has lent his voice to this year’s game, as he announces each team’s pick for the first round and greets them on stage with a handshake, just as in real life.

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NBA 2K12 My Player Week – Day 1 – Mock Drafts

Day 1 of My Player Week continues with some info and a screenshot of the mock draft in NBA 2K12’s My Player mode. As you can see, some of the scout’s comments address the fallout of Ronnie’s pre-Draft interview, in which he noted he displayed a bit of an attitude.

Ronnie notes that the results of the mock draft are not absolute and that players may end up going higher or lower than projected, just as in real life. Join in the discussion here in the Forum or leave a comment below with your thoughts.

NBA 2K12 My Player Week – Day 1 – Pre-Draft Interviews

The first info and screenshot release of the week leading up to the My Player Insight has been released on the NBA 2K12 Facebook. In it we learn that your My Player will have pre-draft interviews with the general managers which will affect who drafts you and indirectly, your draft position.

 In the screenshot we can see Ronnie 2K’s player getting interviewed, but we can also see a new “Elites” team and logo.  It looks like we will finally be getting rid of the generic Draft Combine teams and adding uniforms and logos with a little more personality just like the old 2K Blacktop team logos.

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New Downloads Section Reminder; Upload your files!

I’d just like to remind everyone once again about our recently relaunched Downloads section, which is integrated with the NLSC Forum. In relaunching the new section, we have weeded out all broken links and can now offer everyone the ability to upload files up to 100 MB in size for both NBA Live and NBA 2K, while immediately submitting them for inclusion in the database. Our aim is to provide the community with free file hosting without fear of work getting lost after a period of inactivity, which has been an issue in the past with patchers using various free hosting services around the Internet.

We’re keen to help out the modding communities for NBA Live and NBA 2K with tutorials, resources and file hosting, so please feel free to begin using the facilities; all you need is an NLSC Forum account to start uploading! If you have any questions or run into any problems, please drop us a line. If you have a file larger than 100 MB, by all means shoot me an email or PM so that we can make alternative arrangements.

NBA’s Greatest Screenshot: 1971 Bucks & Lakers

Another NBA’s Greatest starting lineups screenshot has been posted, this time spotlighting Oscar Robertson’s featured game between the 1971 Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers.

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File Additions for NBA 2K11

Author: Vl@d Zola Jr.
REDitor II (Updated to v2.1.3)

EA Sports NBA Initiatives: Wishlist, Survey & PC Petition

As Peter Moore mentioned earlier this week, it may take a while before EA’s future NBA sim games are able to compete with the NBA 2K series. However, here at the NLSC we’re looking to do our part by compiling a comprehensive Wishlist with detailed feedback for the new dev team at EA Tiburon. We’re also collecting additional feedback via our Wishlist Survey and attempting to stress the desire for a PC release with our PC Petition. We greatly appreciate everyone’s support with these initiatives so far, there’s still time to sign the Petition if you haven’t already and send in your feedback for the developers. Hopefully we can have a positive impact on the game!

NBA 2K12 Screenshot: Patrick Ewing’s NBA’s Greatest Game

2K Sports have posted another new NBA 2K12 screenshot featuring the starting lineups from an NBA’s Greatest game. This time it’s Patrick Ewing’s game that’s in the spotlight, as we get a glimpse of his 1995 New York Knicks and their opponents, Shaq and Penny’s Orlando Magic.

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NBA 2K12 Developer Insight #4 – Playcall System

The fourth Developer Insight for NBA 2K12 has been posted over on the official Facebook page. This week, Gameplay Director Rob Jones checks in to talk about the playcalling system in this year’s game. Of note, Rob talks about the assignment of plays to players rather than positions, diversity of play types, dynamic playbooks, updates to the playcalling menus, the new “Run Best Play” option, defensive adjustments, out of bounds plays and much more. The Insight also includes seven screenshots which give us a glimpse of the playbook menus and playcalling in action. It’s well worth a read to get the scoop on all the playcalling controls, options and AI in NBA 2K12, so check it out and join in the discussion here in the Forum.

Three More NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Screenshots

As they’ve been doing every week for the past few weeks, EA Sports have posted some new NBA Jam: On Fire Edition screenshots here over on the official Facebook page. This week they’ve added three new screenshots spotlighting Monta Ellis, Rudy Gay and Brook Lopez.


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NBA 2K12 on GT.TV – Full Episode at

For those who didn’t catch it or would like to watch it again, the full September 2nd episode of GameTrailers TV which spotlights NBA 2K12 can now be found here over on The first segment includes a chat with NBA 2K12 Vice President of Marketing Jason Argent in which he outlines the goals for this year’s game and features several highlight clips. The second segment, beginning at the 5:04 mark, features Gameplay Director Rob Jones talking about improvements to controls including the ability to break out of more animations, the fluidity when controlling the ballhandler and the new post-up controls along with more gameplay footage and a quick word on playcalling, AI and presentation.

The third segment begins around the 10:40 mark and covers NBA’s Greatest, with commentary from producer Eric Boenisch and footage from a few classic games which show off the retro video filters and scorebugs. The gameplay footage also offers a demonstration of the Shot Quality meter, which rates shots from A+ down to F. Check it out and add your thoughts in this thread in our NBA 2K12 section.

My 10th Anniversary Thoughts, Future NLSC Plans

NLSC Logo - Stitching

Last week, we relaunched the NLSC with a new design. The timing was not a coincidence, as August 26th also marked my tenth anniversary as webmaster of the site. Having now run the site for ten of the fifteen years it has existed, I’ve been wanting to post some reflections on the milestone and our future plans but between the NBA 2K12 and NBA Jam: On Fire Edition news, the relaunch and some technical issues following a server move, that idea has been placed on the backburner. Before we get too much further away from the anniversary however, I’d just like to offer a few words of thanks and give everyone a preview of what’s to come here at the NLSC.

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Da_Czar’s New Blog

You may be familiar with Da_Czar’s Ten Teams in Ten Days and Battleground series while he was at Operation Sports.  Well as he states in his new blog, he stepped down at the beginning of the summer and today started a new blog called “Sim Citi”.  Check it out!