Da Czar’s Play of the Day: New York Knicks

Da Czar has posted his next Play of the Day video for NBA 2K12. This time, he breaks down the 41 Handoff 15 High Iso play for the New York Knicks.

You can also check it out here on YouTube if you can’t see the embedded video and see more from Czar over on his Sim Citi blog.

NBA 2K12 Mod Tool Released – 3D Support

The NBA 2K12 Mod Tool has been released and it seemingly fully supports NBA 2K12’s iff files with not only texture support, but model support as well.  The tool allows patchers to modify face, stadium, floor and accessory models, as well as most everything else.  I have yet to find a texture or model that is not supported.  It also supports NBA 2K11 iff files for those who are still playing that game.

Make sure you have your Java updated, head into the Downloads database to get the tool, and drop by the Forum thread to say thanks.  I’m hoping to get a tutorial out today detailing the installation and modifying process with this new Mod Tool and Blender.

File Additions for NBA 2K12

Author: JoeJames
Boston Celtics Uniforms
San Antonio Spurs Uniforms

Author: se7six
se7six’s Rounded Solid Shot Clock Digits
se7six’s DAKTRONICS Shot Clock Digits Design #2
se7six’s DAKTRONICS Shot Clock Digits Design #3

Author: SEYER06
Derrick Rose Startup Screen
Dwyane Wade Startup Screen

NBA 2K12 Legends Showcase Impressions (GameSpot & GamePro)

Hands-on impressions of the upcoming Legends Showcase DLC for NBA 2K12 have been posted over on GameSpot and GamePro. In addition to some new screenshots, both provide a rundown of the various modes that will be available including the Era Challenge, Teammate Challenge and HORSE. The GameSpot article also confirms that aside from the ability to play unranked online games with the NBA’s Greatest teams, the DLC’s modes will only be available for offline play.

The Legends Showcase will be available this holiday season for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation versions of NBA 2K12, though no official release date has been revealed as yet. Community Site is Up and Running

A little more than a month after the launch of NBA 2K12, the new community site has been launched. It allows users to add friends, compare stats and view videos and screenshots uploaded by other members. You can also manage your account, add Facebook/Twitter/YouTube accounts and even delete any duplicate accounts if needed.

After you check out the community site at, head over to the Forum to add members from the NLSC community to your friends list and share findings in this thread.

Updated Wizards Logos Released (2005-08)

New versions (v2.0) of my Washington Wizards logo updates for NBA Live 2005 through NBA Live 08 are now available; see below for the download links. This release includes a couple of corrections as I’ve used a high quality version of the logo exported from NBA 2K12. Make sure you download the correct update for the game you’re playing.

NBA Live 08: Washington Wizards 2011/2012 Logo Patch
NBA Live 07: Washington Wizards 2011/2012 Logo Patch
NBA Live 06: Washington Wizards 2011/2012 Logo Patch
NBA Live 2005: Washington Wizards 2011/2012 Logo Patch

Updated NBA Team Logo Bootup Screens Released (2005-08)

I’ve released new versions (v4.0) of my NBA Team Logos bootup screens for NBA Live 2005 through NBA Live 08. The latest release corrects the logo for the Washington Wizards, using a high quality version of the logo exported from NBA 2K12. See below for the download links and make sure you download the correct update for the game you’re playing.

NBA Team Logos Bootup Screen 08
NBA Team Logos Bootup Screen 07
NBA Team Logos Bootup Screen 06
NBA Team Logos Bootup Screen 2005

Players reject deal, 2012 NBA season in jeopardy

Players have rejected the league’s “take it or leave it” offer that was presented last week and will now move ahead with dissolving the union, which will allow them to file an antitrust suit against the NBA. While the move is intended to give the players more leverage, it has also placed the 2011-2012 season in serious doubt.

This obviously means that the planned official roster updates for NBA 2K12 and NBA Jam: On Fire Edition will not be happening anytime soon and we can expect to see more games cancelled in the near future. What’s your take on the situation? What do you make of the offer that was on the table? Add your thoughts in the comments below and join in the discussion here in the NBA & Basketball Talk section of the NLSC Forum.

NBA 2K12 PotW – Week 5 Results & Week 6 Voting!

Yep, it is that time of week again. Last week’s winner of the NBA 2K12 Patch of the Week feature is se7six!

As you can see, se7six created a great update for the shot clocks that you should download right here. This week’s patches are up and ready to be voted on in this thread. This week’s voting includes the 99-2000 Lakers, a new style for Brandon Jennings, and the year’s first global.iff file update. Be sure to give nominations for next week’s PotW in the voting thread as well!

File Additions for NBA 2K12

Author: HAWK23
1999-2000 Los Angeles Lakers (TMM File)

Author: TNeckDME
Gordon Hayward Face

File Additions for NBA 2K12

Author: kc2135
Brandon Jennings Face

Author: Mythbuster
Brooklyn Nets’ Barclays Center #2

Author: JoeJames
Detroit Pistons Uniforms

Author: Michaelvlutz49
Updated Physics

Author: utp1985
Brooklyn Nets Logo
Vectorized NBA Logos

Da Czar’s Play of the Day: Inbounds Alley Oop

Are you ready for another Play of the Day video from Da Czar? This time, Czar offers some tips for inbounds alley oops.

Check it out here on his YouTube channel if the embedded video isn’t working for you and see more from Czar over on Sim Citi.

File Additions for NBA Live 08

NBA Live 08 Cover Art

Author: Dc311, Zeller, Mr.Star, Cerv
FIBA LIVE 11 Update #1

Author: Lagoa
Lagoa’s 08 Courts & Backboard Pack

Author: Jhiane
Memphis Grizzlies Jersey Patch

NBA 2K11 servers to remain active until April 2012

Despite previously announcing that the NBA 2K11 servers would be shutting down as early as November 16th, 2K Sports has now confirmed that they plan on continuing online services for NBA 2K11 through to April 2012.

The change of plans is not altogether surprising given the difficulties that several users have encountered with NBA 2K12’s online modes so far. To date, 2K Sports have released two titles updates for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of NBA 2K12 in an attempt to rectify the various issues with online play including disconnections, problems with win/loss tracking and long waiting times when trying to find an opponent.

File Additions for NBA 2K12

Author: JoeJames
Toronto Raptors Uniforms
Cleveland Cavaliers Uniforms

Author: Michaelvlutz49
Super Global with Darker Accessories

Author: alleb anehtam mendoza
2011/2012 Roster Update

Author: TNeckDME
James Jones Face

Author: sixers85
TNT Mode Exteriors

Author: kc2135
Eddie Robinson Face

Author: utp1985 & gOry
utp1985’s Global

Author: gOry
gOry’s textures by utp1985