File Additions for NBA Live 2004

Author: Mel_Fox_76
Al Horford Face Patch
2009/2010 Update Pack for NBA Live 2004 (Updated to v2.5)

Two More NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Screenshots

Two more NBA Jam: On Fire Edition screenshots have been posted over on the official Facebook page,  featuring David Lee and Gerald Wallace.

You can also find them in our NBA Jam: On Fire Edition screenshots gallery and add your thoughts here in the Forum.

NBA 2K12 Developer Insight #6 – Training Camp

A new Developer Insight has been released on NBA 2K’s official Facebook page.  It details Training Camp, a new game mode that teaches the user all the moves and techniques of the game.  While there have always been YouTube videos from the community that can teach you the different dribble moves or how to do the flick flick shots, it’s nice to see 2K add this to the main game.

The mode also uses legends from the game’s other modes as Mentors to teach you the different moves.  The Insight also announced that the next Insight will be Wednesday and will focus on the Creating a Legend mode, which is My Player but with any NBA player or Legend.  You can discuss the Insight in the Forum or feel free to comment right here.

File Additions for NBA Live 08

NBA Live 08 Cover Art

Author: Santiago3
Zaza Pachulia Face Patch

Author: zeller
Eurobasket 2011 Full Portrait Patch

File Additions for NBA Live 2004

Author: Mel_Fox_76
KIA Player of the Game Patch

File Additions for NBA Live 08

NBA Live 08 Cover Art

Author: Dc311
France 2011 Jersey Patch

Author: Mgc#12
Nick Young Face Patch

Author: #jetsfool
2011 Draft Class First Round Face Pack

NBA 2K12 Screenshot: ’85 Sixers vs Bucks

2K Sports have released another new NBA’s Greatest starting lineups screenshot, this time highlighting Julius Erving’s featured game between the 1985 Sixers and Bucks.

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below or here in the Forum. 2K have been releasing two NBA’s Greatest screenshots per weekend over the past few weeks, so another one should be coming tomorrow.

NBA 2K12 Developer Insight #5 – My Player

After a week of screenshots highlighting some of the additions to My Player mode in NBA 2K12, producer Erick Boenisch has provided us with the fifth Developer Insight which goes into great detail about what we can expect of the mode in terms of new features and improvements to existing ones. Erick explains how you progress through the mode from the Rookie Showcase through to a possible Hall of Fame induction and everything in between, including another rundown of the pre-Draft interviews, mock Draft and the 2011 Draft itself, contract negotiations and paychecks that can be spent on increasing ratings and adding new dunk packages.

Of note, Erick also mentions that NBA 2K12’s My Player will feature “Key Games”, so you won’t have to play each and every game in the season but rather elect to play games that feature key matchups, rival teams or have playoff implications, with stats from simulated games still counting towards the Hall of Fame goals. He also touches upon the expanded endorsements, player abilities, dynamic goals, press conferences, drills, playcalling and the starting rating. Finally, we get a teaser of some Association information as Erick mentions that Adam Silver was brought in to record audio for the second round of the Draft, hinting that he and David Stern will be featured during the Draft in Association as well as My Player. It’s well worth checking out, give it a read and join in the discussion here in the Forum.

Ronnie has also mentioned on Twitter that the next week and a half will be all about gameplay, including a word from Mike Wang.

Two New NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Screenshots

EA Sports are beginning to unveil more of the players that will be included on each team’s roster in NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, posting two new screenshots on the official Facebook page featuring Chauncey Billups and Nate Robinson.

Check them out in our NBA Jam: On Fire Edition screenshots gallery or here in the NLSC Forum and share your thoughts.

The NBA 2K Debate: Which is the greatest team of all-time?

To further promote all the legends and classic teams in NBA 2K12, 2K Sports have launched the NBA 2K Debate which invites fans to pick one of the teams in the game, create a video explaining why you believe it’s the greatest team of all-time, upload it to YouTube and submit it via the NBA 2K Debate website. 2K themselves tip the debate off with none other than Michael Jordan.

Talk about the video and your pick in the debate in this thread. For anyone creating videos for the debate, feel free to share them as well.

NBA 2K12 Final My Player Screenshot – Hall of Fame

The final screenshot of the week leading into the My Player Insight (which will be posted in a couple of hours) showcases the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

The description for the photo states that you can write your own speech, choosing who you thank for your career and who you omit.  Ronnie 2K said that his player retired after 17 years in the league and won a championship with Melo and Amare after being traded to the Knicks.  You can discuss all of the screenshot teasers of the week in the Forum and be sure to check this space in a few hours for the full My Player Insight.

NBA 2K12 Demo Notes, Tomorrow’s Insight

Ronnie 2K has Tweeted some information about the NBA 2K12 demo, as well as a couple of notes on the My Player content that will be coming tomorrow.

Before my 10 AM My Player post, a couple admin things. Online Insight will be post demo, demo will be like last year, 7-14 days prelaunch

Last My Player screen tomorrow at 8 AM PST. Insight at 12 PM PST.

So it seems we can expect the demo to come out from mid-September onwards, though probably no earlier than the 22nd. Tomorrow’s Developer Insight should give us a detailed rundown of what to expect in My Player, with the screenshot likely being another glimpse at Ronnie’s career to date.

New NBA 2K12 Screenshots (Operation Sports)

Operation Sports have posted four new high resolution NBA 2K12 screenshots featuring current NBA players, namely Dirk Nowitzki, Tim Duncan, Wesley Matthews and Danny Granger. You can check them out in their NBA 2K12 screenshot gallery and have your say here in the NLSC Forum.

NBA 2K12 Gameplay Footage ( has posted a video preview of NBA 2K12 featuring gameplay footage which shows off a game between the Lakers and Wizards, the 1965 Celtics taking on their rival Lakers and the Heat squaring off against the Mavericks.

Check it out here if you can’t watch the embedded video and post your thoughts in this thread.

NBA 2K12 My Player Screens from Today

The NBA 2K Facebook released two more screenshots with information today.  First up we have a shoe advertisement.

The description teased that you can create your own shoe, name it, and can be lobbied by multiple shoe companies for you endorsement.  Next we have TV Commercials.

Cool stuff indeed.  Check out all the My Player Week updates and discuss in the Forum, and be sure to check this space tomorrow when the My Player Insight is posted.