Three More NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Screenshots

As they’ve been doing every week for the past few weeks, EA Sports have posted some new NBA Jam: On Fire Edition screenshots here over on the official Facebook page. This week they’ve added three new screenshots spotlighting Monta Ellis, Rudy Gay and Brook Lopez.


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NBA 2K12 on GT.TV – Full Episode at

For those who didn’t catch it or would like to watch it again, the full September 2nd episode of GameTrailers TV which spotlights NBA 2K12 can now be found here over on The first segment includes a chat with NBA 2K12 Vice President of Marketing Jason Argent in which he outlines the goals for this year’s game and features several highlight clips. The second segment, beginning at the 5:04 mark, features Gameplay Director Rob Jones talking about improvements to controls including the ability to break out of more animations, the fluidity when controlling the ballhandler and the new post-up controls along with more gameplay footage and a quick word on playcalling, AI and presentation.

The third segment begins around the 10:40 mark and covers NBA’s Greatest, with commentary from producer Eric Boenisch and footage from a few classic games which show off the retro video filters and scorebugs. The gameplay footage also offers a demonstration of the Shot Quality meter, which rates shots from A+ down to F. Check it out and add your thoughts in this thread in our NBA 2K12 section.

My 10th Anniversary Thoughts, Future NLSC Plans

NLSC Logo - Stitching

Last week, we relaunched the NLSC with a new design. The timing was not a coincidence, as August 26th also marked my tenth anniversary as webmaster of the site. Having now run the site for ten of the fifteen years it has existed, I’ve been wanting to post some reflections on the milestone and our future plans but between the NBA 2K12 and NBA Jam: On Fire Edition news, the relaunch and some technical issues following a server move, that idea has been placed on the backburner. Before we get too much further away from the anniversary however, I’d just like to offer a few words of thanks and give everyone a preview of what’s to come here at the NLSC.

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Da_Czar’s New Blog

You may be familiar with Da_Czar’s Ten Teams in Ten Days and Battleground series while he was at Operation Sports.  Well as he states in his new blog, he stepped down at the beginning of the summer and today started a new blog called “Sim Citi”.  Check it out!

NBA Jam: On Fire Edition XBL Achievements Revealed

Last week, revealed a list of the Xbox Live Achievements for NBA 2K12 (also revealing a couple of the new features in the process) and this week they have revealed the Achievements for NBA Jam: On Fire Edition. There are twelve achievements for a total of 200 points, none of which seem to spoil any as yet unannounced features in the game. We’ve also added the list of Achievements here in our Wiki.

NBA 2K12 Momentous Trailer

Wow.  Just wow.  MomentousCeltic (aka EdotD) does it again with his official trailer for NBA 2K12.  Footage from historic and current players, alternate jerseys and awesome moves in this trailer along with his slick effects and transitions.  Truly a sight to behold.

If you are looking for information, well, not much to be gained from this trailer.  Historic teams do not have warmups on the bench still (same as 2K11) but other than that, I can’t seem to notice anything else new.

Check it out and discuss in the Forum here.

Peter Moore: “It’ll take a while to get back”

EA’s Peter Moore, who until recently was the president of the EA Sports label, has commented on the future of the company’s NBA sim series. Speaking to IndustryGamers, Moore reiterated that EA Sports is committed to returning to the sim market next year with a quality product, but also admitted that it could “take a while” before the series can compete with NBA 2K again.

“We’re focused on building a great game for next year. The team has got the time to be able to look at everything that we need to do to make sure that we bring quality back up and be competitive. So we can go over the whole story again from last year – it was unfortunate, but we’re a brand and a company and a label that is very focused on building quality and we’re not just going to walk away from it; we’ve got a very, very talented team that’s already got stuff up and running even though it won’t ship this year, it’ll go next year. So we’ll be back.”

“It’ll take a while to get back, yeah. It’ll take us a few years maybe, but if that’s what it takes, that’s what it’ll be. We’re in our 20th year as a label… We’re not a short term player. It’s not going to happen overnight, but we’ll sit here 3, 4 years from now and hopefully we’ll be talking about what a great battle NBA 14 or 15 is versus their 14 or 15,” he concluded.

You can discuss Peter Moore’s comments here in the NLSC Forum. Remember that the new Dev Team are also keeping tabs on our Wishlist materials and welcoming our feedback and suggestions, so don’t forget to sign our PC Petition, post ideas in our Wishlist and provide additional feedback via our Wishlist Survey.

NBA 2K12 Developer Insight #3 – Art Direction

The third NBA 2K12 Developer Insight has been posted over on the official Facebook page, along with some new screenshots. NBA 2K12’s Art Director Lynell Jinks checks in this time to talk about recreating the appearances of over 150 retired players for NBA’s Greatest, updating the likenesses of close to 400 active players and interaction with the front row. He also touches on the visual effects in the presentation for NBA’s Greatest games set in the 60s and 70s, with further details to come in future Insights. Be sure to give it a read and join in the discussion here in the Forum.

New NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Euroleague Sizzle Trailer

EA Sports have posted a new Euroleague Sizzle trailer for NBA Jam: On Fire Edition over on the official Facebook page. As the name implies, the trailer confirms that the game will include a selection of Euroleague teams, specifically the final four from Euroleague 2011: Panathinaikos BC, Montepaschi Siena,  Maccabi Tel Aviv and Real Madrid. With this revelation, it will be interesting to see if any Euroleague teams are featured in the future sim titles from EA Sports, in addition to FIBA teams.  In the meantime, check out the Euroleague Sizzle trailer and add your thoughts in the comments or this thread in the Virtual Hardwood section of the NLSC Forum.

Operation Sports’ NBA 2K12 Preview (Part One)

Operation Sports’ Steve Bartlett has posted part one of an in-depth preview of NBA 2K12. It offers some hands-on impressions of the new post-up controls, the smoother animations and other gameplay improvements as well as  some thoughts on NBA’s Greatest and presentation, both in-game and the frontend. You can discuss the preview here in the NBA 2K12 section of the NLSC Forum, thanks to The Greatest10 for the heads up.

Upcoming NBA 2K12 Previews

We can expect the NBA 2K12 previews to continue this week with new footage, interviews and a Developer Insight. 2K Sports posted an update on Facebook announcing that raw gameplay footage will be shown this Thursday on Spike TV at 10:05 PST (1:05 EST), while an in-depth preview and interviews can be seen Thursday night on Gametrailers TV. Ronnie 2K also mentioned the upcoming Developer Insight on art in NBA 2K12 in this Tweet. We’ll of course keep everyone posted right here on the NLSC and in the Forum.

New NBA’s Greatest Screenshots: ’65 Celtics & Lakers, ’93 Bulls & Hornets

2K Sports posted two new NBA’s Greatest screenshots over the weekend, featuring the starting lineups of four more teams included in NBA’s Greatest: the 1965 Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers and the 1993 Chicago Bulls and Charlotte Hornets.


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Tech issues resolved, back to business!

I’m pleased to report that we’re back up and running properly following a move to a new server! The main site, Forum, Downloads database and Wiki are all back up and functional and you should also notice an improvement in the speed of the site. You’ll also find that you can now upload larger files to our new Downloads section, up to 100 MB per file. This should be more than enough to cover most submissions but if you are releasing a project that is larger than 100 MB, feel free to contact us and we’ll see what we can arrange for you.

Thanks to everyone for their patience and understanding during the technical issues of the past day or so. We realise it’s annoying for everyone and believe me, it’s just as frustrating for us as well but we should be clear of those problems now. We hope you enjoy the content and features we’ll be bringing you in the near future, thanks again for your continued support of the NLSC and a special thanks also to our host Matt and the server techs for helping us out with the necessary maintenance and troubleshooting!

File Additions for NBA Live 08

NBA Live 08 Cover Art

Author: 56NBA
Naruto and Soccer Courts

EA Sports NBA Wishlist & PC Petition Reminder

With all the NBA 2K12 and NBA Jam: On Fire Edition news as of late, last week I once again neglected to post the usual reminder about our Wishlist initiatives for EA Sports’ next NBA sim title. We are still collecting signatures for our PC Petition, an initiative we hope will demonstrate to EA Sports our enthusiasm for basketball gaming on the PC platform. We are also still compiling feedback for our Wishlist, so if you have bug reports, suggestions about features you want to see fixed, upgraded or added, things about NBA 2K that you like and would like to see EA Sports implement in their game or any constructive feedback you think would make the game better, be sure to post it ASAP. You can also provide additional feedback via our Wishlist Survey, the results of which we’ll also be submitting to the new Dev Team along with the main Wishlist. A big thanks as always to everyone who has signed the Petition and contributed to the Wishlist so far!