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I’m pleased to report that we’re back up and running properly following a move to a new server! The main site, Forum, Downloads database and Wiki are all back up and functional and you should also notice an improvement in the speed of the site. You’ll also find that you can now upload larger files to our new Downloads section, up to 100 MB per file. This should be more than enough to cover most submissions but if you are releasing a project that is larger than 100 MB, feel free to contact us and we’ll see what we can arrange for you.

Thanks to everyone for their patience and understanding during the technical issues of the past day or so. We realise it’s annoying for everyone and believe me, it’s just as frustrating for us as well but we should be clear of those problems now. We hope you enjoy the content and features we’ll be bringing you in the near future, thanks again for your continued support of the NLSC and a special thanks also to our host Matt and the server techs for helping us out with the necessary maintenance and troubleshooting!

File Additions for NBA Live 08

NBA Live 08 Cover Art

Author: 56NBA
Naruto and Soccer Courts

EA Sports NBA Wishlist & PC Petition Reminder

With all the NBA 2K12 and NBA Jam: On Fire Edition news as of late, last week I once again neglected to post the usual reminder about our Wishlist initiatives for EA Sports’ next NBA sim title. We are still collecting signatures for our PC Petition, an initiative we hope will demonstrate to EA Sports our enthusiasm for basketball gaming on the PC platform. We are also still compiling feedback for our Wishlist, so if you have bug reports, suggestions about features you want to see fixed, upgraded or added, things about NBA 2K that you like and would like to see EA Sports implement in their game or any constructive feedback you think would make the game better, be sure to post it ASAP. You can also provide additional feedback via our Wishlist Survey, the results of which we’ll also be submitting to the new Dev Team along with the main Wishlist. A big thanks as always to everyone who has signed the Petition and contributed to the Wishlist so far!

NBA 2K12 Xbox Live Achievements Revealed have revealed the complete list of Achievements for NBA 2K12. Interestingly, one of the Achievements mentions NBA: Creating a Legend mode, which suggests that we’ll be able to take the fifteen featured legends into a My Player-type single player career mode similar to MJ: Creating a Legend in NBA 2K11. The list also reveals that the game will feature online associations and a couple of expansions to My Player including player contracts and “purchases” such as dunk packages. Check it out and have your say in this thread in the NLSC Forum. Thanks to The Greatest10 for the heads up.

NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Screenshots from PAX

NBA Jam: On Fire Edition is on display at PAX and as such, EA Sports have posted a couple of new screenshots on the official Facebook page.


Add your thoughts in this thread.

NBA 2K11 Video: The Shrug (MessenjahMatt)

The one and only MessenjahMatt has posted a new NBA 2K11 video highlighting another moment in Michael Jordan’s career, this time the famous shrug during Game 1 of the 1992 NBA Finals.

You can discuss the video here in the NLSC Forum.

New Poll: The New Design

As you can see, we’ve posted a new poll to go along with our new design. What do you think of the new look? Cast your vote now!

Our previous poll asked “What are your favourite kind of mods for NBA Live/NBA 2K?” It seems historical mods remain the most popular garnering 34% of the vote, while FIBA based mods finished second with 22%. 17% of voters like NCAA mods best while Euroleague mods are preferred by a further 13%. The final 14% expressed a preference for all other types of mods. Be sure to check out the NLSC Forum for the latest updates from the talented individuals in the NBA Live and NBA 2K modding communities.

Update on ’02 Kings & ’91 Warriors in NBA 2K12

Kotaku’s Owen Good has posted a couple of Tweets (which you can see here and here) that offer clarification on the inclusion of the 2002 Sacramento Kings and 1991 “Run-TMC” Golden State Warriors in NBA 2K12. Originally billed as pre-order bonuses, it seems that all copies of the game will ship with a code that allows users to unlock the two teams, but as with the Larry Bird and Magic Johnson covers those copies will be available for a limited time only. If any further details or clarification is made available, we will be sure to post an update.

LaPhonso Ellis added to 1994 Nuggets in NBA 2K12

Ronnie 2K has announced via Twitter that LaPhonso Ellis has been added to the 1993/1994 Denver Nuggets roster in NBA 2K12:

We have just secured the #NBA2K12 rights to ’93 Denver Nuggets LaPhonso Ellis and added him to roster

It will be interesting to see if 2K Sports are able to secure the rights to any other players that weren’t included when the teams for NBA’s Greatest were revealed. While it seems unlikely that they’ll end up being able to get someone like Charles Barkley in the game at this point, we could see the rosters for certain teams rounded out a little more before the game goes gold.

Scheduled Downtime

Please be advised that the NLSC will be down for at least 3-4 hours beginning at 10 PM August 26th (US Pacific Time), due to a server move. We do not anticipate any difficulties beyond the scheduled downtime. We will keep everyone posted of the site’s status on Facebook and Twitter, please drop us a line there if you need to get in touch with us during the downtime. I apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

NLSC Re-Launched

NLSC Logo - Stitching

Welcome to the new look NLSC! As you can see, we’ve made a few changes to the design; we hope you like them. This is somewhat of a beta re-launch, so you may see a few tweaks here and there in the near future and if something isn’t working properly, we’ll be fixing it up as soon as possible. Please let us know of any issues you run into.

We’re now running on WordPress, which is a much more powerful content management system and we’re looking forward to putting it to use to bring you bigger and better content here at the NLSC. We’ve also integrated WordPress with our Forum database, so you can simply use your existing Forum account to post comments on news bulletins and feature articles, as well as upload files to our new Downloads section. The only part of the site that requires a separate log-in is the Wiki, which also allows public editing for those who don’t wish to sign in to contribute to the articles.

You may have also noticed that we have re-branded the site to simply NLSC, dropping the full name of NBA Live Series Center. NBA Live fans may rest assured that we still have all our old content and we will continue to offer new content for people still playing games in the NBA Live series, but with EA’s re-naming of their sim title and our expansion to include coverage of NBA 2K and NBA Jam, we have decided to follow the lead of entities such as ESPN (who ceased to be the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network in the mid 80s) and simply go by our initials.

We’ve got big plans for the future, a huge thanks as always to everyone who has supported us through the years. Once again, I hope you like the design (and for those not so keen on it, hopefully it’ll grow on you or the further tweaks we make will be to your liking!) and will continue to support us. Stay tuned for more details!

File Additions for NBA 2K11

Author: JaoSming
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