Peter Moore: “It’ll take a while to get back”

EA’s Peter Moore, who until recently was the president of the EA Sports label, has commented on the future of the company’s NBA sim series. Speaking to IndustryGamers, Moore reiterated that EA Sports is committed to returning to the sim market next year with a quality product, but also admitted that it could “take a while” before the series can compete with NBA 2K again.

“We’re focused on building a great game for next year. The team has got the time to be able to look at everything that we need to do to make sure that we bring quality back up and be competitive. So we can go over the whole story again from last year – it was unfortunate, but we’re a brand and a company and a label that is very focused on building quality and we’re not just going to walk away from it; we’ve got a very, very talented team that’s already got stuff up and running even though it won’t ship this year, it’ll go next year. So we’ll be back.”

“It’ll take a while to get back, yeah. It’ll take us a few years maybe, but if that’s what it takes, that’s what it’ll be. We’re in our 20th year as a label… We’re not a short term player. It’s not going to happen overnight, but we’ll sit here 3, 4 years from now and hopefully we’ll be talking about what a great battle NBA 14 or 15 is versus their 14 or 15,” he concluded.

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