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Podcast Discussion: Realism of Video Games vs What We See on TV

The main topic of discussion in next week’s episode of the NLSC Podcast is going to be the level of realism that we see in basketball video games compared to what we actually see when watching the NBA on TV. We’re hoping to have a larger panel than usual and are looking forward to putting out an interesting show for you all.

We’re also interested in getting your thoughts on the matter, so that we can read them out during our discussion in Episode #29. How would you rate the realism we’ve seen in basketball games, when making a comparison to what we see on TV? How close is it to representing the real sport? How much realism do you want to see, or believe there needs to be in basketball games?¬†Sound off in the comments below or have your say here in the Forum!

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I am very impressed at 2k’s level of realism. Especially the improvements to player speed in 2k13. My biggest gripe for years was the two different speeds on offense and defense (defensive awareness slider controlled how quickly teams got back on defense etc….) as well as the awful transition feel (fast breaks), They finally have big men running down the middle of the court. They finally have some variety to breaks rather than the 3 on 2 wide wing scenario that was oh so annoying and unrealistic for years.

Also with 2k I am amazed at the realism of the shots the CPU will take in games. For instance if I go under the ball screen the CPU will pull up for an easy mid range J. If I over commit with a help defender they will kick out to a corner three.

Also the realism I look for is the continuum of play styles. There should be teams that play lax defense, don’t hustle and generally look like a bad pick up game (ie Sacramento Kings). But there should also be teams that are tough physically and that make the extra pass (ie Chicago Bulls). 2k really makes playing against the Golden State Warriors to feel different than playing the Indiana Pacers. And in reality I can customize individual player and team options to create different team play styles that are realistic. I love that. In comparison EA gridiron football games feel like you are playing the same game over and over just with different jersey colors (that sport has far more strategy than basketball which is the sad state of video game football but I digress).

On previous podcast someone mentioned the lack of realism to the morphing and various wierd quirks. Honestly that stuff doesn’t bother me too much. There is room for improvement and it is frustrating with NBA 2k13’s bad rebounding mechanics (a lot of ball morphing into players hands). This for me is rather low priority compared to other issues.

I am a pure simulation type of guy. I always play 12 minute quarters. I would be far to the extreme of wanting realism.

My one fear is that realism can be very subjective. If you watch the Chicago Bulls you think that realism means every game is sold out and the fans in general are loud and active at all 82 games a year. So the claim for realism would be to have a sold out crowd with them going wild after every shot. But the reality is if you are the Charlotte Bobcats your building is empty every night and there is a lack of enthusiasm.

What is the realistic experience? Obviously both should be in the game but often times we talk about realism with a myopic viewpoint.

To me the more variety and nuance the video game has the more realistic it is. More options and customization means it is real to me. Because next year James Harden could put up 40ppg and if the game caps out ppg because last year the leading scorer only average 28 that is lacking realism as well. A lot of things don’t seem realistic until they happen.