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Reminder about our new Downloads section

I’d just like to take a moment to remind everyone once again that in the past couple of months we’ve launched a new Downloads section, which is integrated with the NLSC Forum and allows users to upload and add their files for inclusion in the database. Our aim is to better serve the modding communities for both NBA Live and NBA 2K with free file hosting along with a place to promote, share and archive their work, in addition to providing tutorials and other resources.

Whether you’re actively creating updates or would like to upload your existing work for archive purposes, be it for NBA Live or NBA 2K, you are most welcome to contribute; all you need is an active NLSC Forum account! You may currently upload files up to 100 MB in size, for any files that are larger than that please get in touch with me and we can make arrangements as necessary. If you have any questions about uploading files or the Downloads section in general, please drop me a line as well.

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