Replay Fixes for NBA Live 2005-08

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t have time to work on any roster updates for NBA Live 2005, 06, 07 and 08, or much else these days. Unfortunately that hasn’t changed – sorry! – but as I mentioned during Episode #88 of the NLSC Podcast, I did whip up some quick workarounds for an issue that’s present in Instant Replay in all of the aforementioned games.

While capturing some screenshots to update the galleries in our subsites, as well as stock up on images for our various feature articles, I was reminded of the annoying issue of the hide/show overlay button remaining on screen in Instant Replay; a small bug, but a pain when you’re trying to get some nice screenshots. I devised a workaround which uses a transparent texture for the hover effect on the button, and figured that I’d share it with the community as others might find a use for it.

Download the fixes here:

Once again, unfortunately I’m unable to work on any roster updates these days, so I respectfully request that you please stop asking me about them; pestering me about them is definitely not going to make me inclined to change my mind! For anyone who would like to use my rosters as a base to make updates of their own, feel free to do so, but I would appreciate credit somewhere if you do. I’d also recommend that NBA Live 08 users check out the NBA Action 15 mod, currently in progress. I have nothing to do with the mod however, so please don’t contact me about it.

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