Six More NBA 2K13 Ratings Revealed

As we draw closer and closer to the release of NBA 2K13, 2K Sports are now revealing the overall ratings of six players every time they hit a new milestone in their number of Twitter followers. Having now reached 291,000 followers, 2K have unveiled the overall ratings for Devin Harris, Ray Allen, Marshon Brooks, Paul Pierce, Caron Butler and Zach Randolph, which are as follows:

Devin Harris: 77 overall
Ray Allen: 80 overall
Marshon Brooks: 73 overall
Paul Pierce: 83 overall
Caron Butler: 81 overall
Zach Randolph: 84 overall

Another six players will be revealed at the 292,000 followers mark. In the meantime, feel free to post your thoughts on the latest overall ratings in the comments below and discuss all the ratings revealed so far in this thread in the Forum.

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