State of Community Patches for NBA 2K12

As you may remember in my initial impressions of NBA 2K12, I mentioned that 2K changed the compression format of the iff files this year which did not allow for any of our editing tools to extract or import textures. Essentially this meant we couldn’t customize the look or feel of the game at all like we have in years past. Thankfully, only two days after 2K12’s release, our friends from ModdingWay released a tool that allows us to decompress the new 2K12 iff files. The following is a report on the status of patching NBA 2K12 PC.

What’s different from NBA 2K11?

The biggest difference from NBA 2K11 PC is the new compression format for the iff files. As I mentioned in the introduction, some of the guys from Modding Way created a simple tool that decompresses the new iff files which allows us to edit them with the NBA 2KX Mod Tool.


What’s the new procedure for texture editing?

Right now you have to first decompress the iff file with the Modding Way tool, then you can edit most files with the Mod Tool just like we did last year (Tutorial).  To figure out which file you will want to edit, look at the 2K12 File Structure, and refer to this list of all the texture names in the larger iff files.  Always make sure to back up your files before editing and remember that we do not allow distribution of original files on this website.

What about 3D editing?

It appears that nothing 3D, not even the replay target indicator model, can be edited using the Decompresser and Mod Tool. Hopefully we will be able to edit game models this year once more programmers have time to decode the files. It has been mentioned that the Modding Way guys are going to look at the arena models this year (we haven’t been able to edit those since 2K10).

 Why can’t I edit cyberfaces or uniforms?

Probably due to the “Dynamic Updates” 2K is able to do through their roster files, the cyberface (png####.iff) and uniform (uh/ua###.iff) files are not currently supported through the Decompression tool.


Does anything from 2K11 work in 2K12?

However, it appears that the NBA 2K11 PC uniform files work perfectly in NBA 2K12. So instead of using 2K12 iff files, patchers can edit 2K11 files and distribute them for use in 2K12.

Does the REDitor work for 2K12 rosters?

The REDitor does not currently support NBA 2K12 PC (or 360) rosters. While the formats are very similar to NBA 2K11’s roster files, we still need to let the program’s creator properly decode the new roster files for 2K12. Judging by past years, we can probably expect the new REDitor to come out around the first half of December.

Can we still hex edit?

While we wait for the REDitor, I am currently listing out the ways we can edit the 2K12 rosters through hex editing. It is a lot more complicated and easier to corrupt files when compared to using the program, but at least we can use these procedures for the next couple months until it is available.

Hex editing has also allowed the unlocking of  the ’91 Warriors and ’02 Kings along with every other unlockable uniform, shoe, and retro team in the game.


This is just the tip of the iceberg. The game has only been out for two days and we, as a community, have already figured out the new iff format, unlocked hidden teams/jerseys/shoes, and have begun decoding the roster files. NBA 2K12 should already be considered the best basketball video game created; it’s only a matter of time before we make it the most customizable as well.

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