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NBA 2K11 2020 Season Roster by 2klove; Notes for Newcomers

NBA 2K11 2020 Season Roster by 2klove et al

There’s been a lot of interest in 2klove’s 2020 season roster for NBA 2K11 PC since it was posted, thanks in no small part to a recent video by Dom2k. The video has resulted in an influx of new members, to whom I say welcome to the NLSC, and I hope you enjoy your time here!

It seems that many of those new members are also new to the PC modding scene. To that end, I thought it would be helpful if I compiled some notes on how to install the rosters and accompanying art mods, clarify some of our policies, and give a heads up on where to pick up NBA 2K11 PC if you don’t have a copy.

2klove’s roster is available here. Please note that it shouldn’t be confused with the update that I’m working on, and hope to have out soon. You can keep tabs on that project here. While we can generally only offer support for our own mods, hopefully these notes will help you get everything set up! Read on for more details.

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