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NBA 2K21 Current Gen Out Now; Modding Section Launched

NBA 2K21 Current Gen Released

The Current Gen version of NBA 2K21 is out now! Whether you’ve pre-ordered and pre-loaded, or you’re just picking up the game now, the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions are available to play.

With the release of a new PC game, we’re tipping off a new season of modding. To that end, I’ve launched the Modding section for NBA 2K21 in the Forum, as well as the Tutorials & FAQs board. The Modding section is for previews, releases, requests, and all other modding discussion. Any resources will be moved to Tutorials & FAQs as necessary, though members of the Contributors group may immediately create new topics in that section.

Now that NBA 2K21 Current Gen is out, I’m hoping to see a lot of gaming discussion this year. While we’re obviously a modding community, we’re also enthusiastic basketball gamers, so share your impressions, tips, stories, slider suggestions, and everything else related to playing the game. We’ve always been about more than just modding, but we have seen a decline in those other discussions over the years, so by all means get chatting about the game itself!

We’ll have plenty to say about NBA 2K21 in the NLSC Podcast, as well as our other original content moving forward. Stay tuned for that, as well as all of the great releases that are sure to come from our talented modding community. Happy 2K Day!

NBA 2K21 Demo Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, & Switch

NBA 2K21 Demo Released

The Current Gen NBA 2K21 Demo is now available to download for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. As previously noted, there will be no demo released on PC. It will however be receiving the same full version of the game on September 4th.

This year’s demo once again features the MyPLAYER Builder, giving us the ability to test out different builds for MyCAREER and its connected modes. It also allows us to shoot around in 2KU, and adjust to the new shooting and dribbling mechanics. The current Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Clippers, and All-Time Lakers and Celtics, also provide a preview of 5v5 gameplay.

As was the case last year, your created build will carry over into the full version of NBA 2K21. Note however that there is a limit of five quick games in the demo, so you won’t be able to play it indefinitely before the full game is released. We can also only play one game with each MyPLAYER that we create in the builder. Like last year, it’s a very limited taste.

Got any thoughts on the NBA 2K21 Demo? Share them in the comments below, and join in the discussion here in the NLSC Forum!

Update: I originally reported that the Nintendo Switch did not receive the demo, which isn’t the case. Thanks to the official NBA 2K Reddit Twitter account for the correction!

NLSC Podcast #330: The Price of Upgrading

NLSC Podcast Logo

Episode #330 of the NLSC Podcast is out now! Derek (aka Dee4Three) and I are your hosts for this week’s show.

The three cover players and their editions of NBA 2K21 have been revealed, and it turns out our predictions were pretty good! We react to the choices, and some of the community’s opinions on them. We’ve also discovered that the Next Gen version will have cross-platform VC and MyTEAM progression, but more controversially, a $10 price increase. Breaking down the pre-order bonuses also suggests that the approach to microtransactions and grinding won’t be much different this year. With confirmation that NBA 2K21 PC is a Current Gen port, we weigh up the pros and cons, and what it means for our modding community. Elsewhere, reactions to Madden 21’s Franchise mode have made us wonder about the future of franchise gaming in basketball titles. Finally, we’re noticing some new waves of nostalgia among younger and older hoops gamers alike.

What’s your take on this week’s conversation? Sound off in the comments section below, or join in the discussion here in the Forum! Additionally, feel free to hit us up with any feedback on the episode, as well as suggestions for topics that you’d like to hear us discuss in future episodes. For more information on the NLSC Podcast including episode guides, check out this page in our Wiki.

Damian Lillard Revealed As First NBA 2K21 Cover Player

Damian Lillard NBA 2K21 Cover Announcement

The first cover player for NBA 2K21 has been revealed! Damian Lillard has been announced as the cover player for the Current Gen version of the game. Dame has previously graced the cover of NBA Live 15, as well as the Chinese exclusive NBA 2K Online 2. He is the seventh player to appear on the covers of both NBA Live and NBA 2K.

Pre-orders for the Current Gen version of the game will begin July 2nd, and the game is slated for release in October. As of this post, no details about pre-order bonuses has been released, but that information will likely be coming soon. We can assume that they will be quite similar to last year’s bonuses, except with Damian Lillard-themed content.

With one cover reveal down, we have two to go over the next couple of days. As per ESPN, the next two covers will be for the Next Gen and Legend editions of the game. Zion Williamson has been a popular prediction after being featured in the announcement trailer, while a lot of gamers are picking Kobe Bryant for the Legend Edition.

Check out the cover art below, as well as a reveal trailer! What are your thoughts on 2K choosing Dame for the Current Gen release? Who are your picks for the Next Gen and Legend Edition covers? Have your say in the comments section below, and join in the discussion here in the Forum.

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NBA 2K20 Demo Coming August 21st (PS4, X1, & Switch)

NBA 2K20 Demo

2K has announced that the NBA 2K20 Demo will be available on August 21st 2019, going live at 12:01 AM Pacific Time. It will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, but not PC. Contrary to the limitations in The Prelude in previous years, it seems as though we’ll be able to try out more than one build before the full game is released.

Starting on August 21st at 12:01 am PT, you can get an early start on your MyCAREER while testing out the new MyPLAYER builder and hitting the court two weeks ahead of the game’s launch by downloading the NBA 2K20 Demo. In the NBA 2K20 Demo, you can try out multiple MyPLAYER configurations to create the player that best fits your play-style, which will be carried over to NBA 2K20 at launch on September 6th. The NBA 2K20 Demo will be available exclusively on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

This certainly comes as good news, as previous glimpses of the game via The Prelude offered little in the way of replay value, forcing gamers to choose one Archetype to trial in a single playthrough of the early stages of MyCAREER. Providing the opportunity to test out more than one Archetype has been a common request, so it’s nice to see 2K taking the community’s suggestion on board. As yet, there’s no word on whether or not any changes have been made to Archetypes this year.

Another controversial issue that has dogged The Prelude in recent years is that its gameplay settings are juiced up, providing an inaccurate snapshot of what to expect in the full game. This is obviously something we won’t know until after we’ve played both, but hopefully this year’s demo will take a more honest approach.

What are your expectations for the NBA 2K20 Demo? Have your say in the comments below, and join in the discussion here in the NLSC Forum!

NBA Playgrounds Enhanced Edition Released

NBA Playgrounds Enhanced Edition

Saber Interactive has released an Enhanced Edition of NBA Playgrounds for the Nintendo Switch. Announced late last year, the new version includes all of the post-release content that the original has received, including over 100 new players, the three-point contest, additional versions of players on alternate teams, and all the various gameplay fixes and enhancements.

NBA Playgrounds Enhanced Edition is free for all users who purchased the original game on Switch. It is a standalone title, so users are advised to delete the old version after downloading the Enhanced Edition. Existing game saves will carry over to the new game however, so be sure not to delete them if you don’t want to lose your progress. Note that online functionality will remain active for the original version, but you will need to upgrade to the Enhanced Edition to play against users who have the new version of the game.

If you haven’t picked up the game yet, it’s available at half price through January 18th in the Nintendo eShop. Please note that the Enhanced Edition is not available on PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One, as those platforms have been receiving new content as intended since launch. The Enhanced Edition is ultimately a solution for the issues Saber has been having pushing through new content on the Nintendo Switch.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. You can also join in the discussion about NBA Playgrounds here in the NLSC Forum.

New Version of NBA Playgrounds Coming to Nintendo Switch

A game of NBA Playgrounds

It’s fair to say that so far, NBA Playgrounds has had a troubled launched on the Nintendo Switch. Saber Interactive have encountered a lot of technical difficulties in trying to push through updates, resulting in the Switch version falling behind the other platforms in terms of content and fixes. In order to rectify the issue, Saber will be releasing a new version of the game:

A new version of NBA Playgrounds on the Switch is heading to certification within a week – the team has been working hard on this radical solution to include all the free updates the other platforms received, so that all Switch players can receive those free updates.

We’re sorry it took this long, we haven’t forgotten about you, but making additions to the game was more complicated than we thought. We aren’t giving up, and will share more news on this including details as soon as we have it!

This is obviously good news for Nintendo Switch users, who have understandably been frustrated at the lack of updates compared to the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions of NBA Playgrounds. Hopefully, if there are any further content updates for NBA Playgrounds, this new version will allow the Switch to receive them at the same time as the other platforms. The previously released Hot n’ Frosty DLC will also be made available for the Switch version in the Nintendo eShop.

A reminder that if you’d like to discuss NBA Playgrounds in the NLSC Forum, we’ve got a topic here in the Other Basketball Games section. While a few community members previously expressed interest in modding the PC version of the game, unfortunately it seems that those plans have fallen through. Nevertheless, if you’ve got any resources or information to share in that regard, by all means feel free to post in the aforementioned Forum topic.

NBA 2K18 Hands-On Impressions; amiibo Compatibility

NBA 2K18 Cover

Following an NBA 2K18 event last week, the community has been getting some hands-on impressions from the attendees. Some of the commonly mentioned improvements include enhancements to AI, defensive logic, control responsiveness, and player physics. Notably, shot feedback has been expanded with more information about the attempt, pick and roll defense has been smartened up, and player speed is better handled. Interestingly, there’s also a reference to “MyDynasty”, though there’s no further information on what that entails as yet.

A round-up of the reports is a follows:

Check them out for the full scoop, and feel to share your thoughts in the comments section below, as well as join in the discussion here in our Forum.

In other news, it appears as though the Nintendo Switch version of NBA 2K18 will feature amiibo compatibility. The news comes via DualSHOCKERS, who gleaned the information from the game’s Japanese Nintendo Store page. At this time, it isn’t clear what this will entail, though they speculate it may mean Nintendo-themed apparel and costumes, or some kind of presence for Nintendo’s characters in NBA 2K18. Obviously, if you’re playing on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or one of the prior gen consoles, this particular tidbit is neither here nor there.

In any event, it seems that the steady stream of information is going to continue up until the game’s release. In the meantime, if you haven’t seen the latest NBA 2K18 screenshots, be sure to check them out in our gallery.

Monday Tip-Off: Would I Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch Logo

We’re at midcourt, and the ball is about to go up…it’s Monday Tip-Off! Start your week here at the NLSC with a feature that’s dedicated to opinions, commentary, and other fun stuff related to NBA Live, NBA 2K, and other basketball video games.

Last week, the gaming community learned more about the Nintendo Switch, which is scheduled for release worldwide on March 3rd, 2017. Of particular interest to those of us in the basketball gaming community, we learned that Visual Concepts will be releasing NBA 2K18 for the console in September this year. The announcement reflects the general increase in third party support that has been pledged for the Switch, after several developers abandoned the Wii U very quickly. As you may recall, NBA 2K13 was the first and only basketball game Visual Concepts released for the Wii U, and the last NBA 2K title released on the original Wii.

With the Nintendo Switch being a hybrid portable and home console, and gaining the support of third party developers, it’s certainly generating a lot of interest and discussion ahead of its launch. With the confirmation that NBA 2K18 will be released for the Switch, it might be a viable option for basketball gamers who haven’t yet invested in a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, and don’t have a suitable gaming PC. With that in mind, is the Nintendo Switch something that I’m personally interested in, either instead of or in addition to the gaming platforms that I currently own?

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