The Tuesday Triple: Favorite MomentousCeltic Mixes

This is The Tuesday Triple, where I attempt to break down random topics into three points, and maybe an “and one” if I need it. Similar to the established Friday Five by Andrew, the topics will be related to basketball video games and their communities as a whole.

If I had to create my own Mount Rushmore of those who influenced me in this community, it would probably be DahlpdubLeftos, and MomentousCeltic (a.k.a. IsoAchieved a.k.a. eDotd). The first three got me into modding and expanded my abilities throughout my years at the NLSC. MC’s influence was broader. MC’s mixes marked the first time I was able to appreciate what NBA 2K offered in their game. Call it EA or PC fanboyism, but before MC made mixes with NBA 2K7 I simply didn’t get what all the fuss was about with the 2K series. Seeing a skilled player continually showcase the game in such an awe-inspiring way changed that for me, well before the series hit PC. So kick back and enjoy the following mixes created by the master himself, MomentousCeltic.

Free Throw – NBA 2K7 Tribute

I will watch this mix probably once a month. This is the style of mix making I love, zoomed out so you can see the entire play, skilled and realistic moves on the court, rare animations, and visuals synced beautifully with a song seemingly made for this kind of video. Seeing player emotions, jerseys flowing with movement, and plenty of depth of field in slow motion sold me on giving 2K7 another try; if not just to see if I could replicate anything I saw in this video. Hell, the video ends with Wade doing the Dee Brown dunk, on his own teammate. No gimmicks, no effects, just straight greatness.

Jumper – NBA 2K8 Clash of Generations

The description for this video scares me, MC mentions how the original edit got flagged and removed (haters). In terms of soundtrack, this is the best choice MC has ever made; it’s epic. On top of that, we get to see a fantasy dunk contest showdown between Dominique Wilkins, Vince Carter, Kobe Bryant, and “Michael Jordan” (in reality, a very confused Caron Butler). One thing to remember watching this is that NBA 2K8’s dunk contest was hard. So again, MC couples slick editing, a great soundtrack, unique premise, and skilled gameplay into a fantastic mix.

Three Pointer – NBA 2K8 Simulation

This is the prime example of subtle editing that enhances the visuals instead of detracting from them. The wisps of smoke, drops of paint, that picture board that we amazingly see again in an NBA 2K12 trailer, it helps enhance the dunks and plays you see, rather than showcasing the effects themselves. The way this video can be so mellow when the mixes for this genre are usually so fast paced is what impresses me the most. It is simply, beautiful.

And One + a Technical – IsoAchieved & eDotd

For the main part of this article I wanted to limit myself to the mixes actually released under the MomentousCeltic name. Thankfully the man behind the name did not leave the mix making game after he got hired to make amazing trailers, officially, for 2K Sports. Here are two more mixes I have to recommend you watch.

I hope you enjoyed watching these mixes as I have over the past 7 years he has been making them. Even though the mixes we see released by the likes of Shady00018 and Mr2KImpossible take the editing to a whole new level, these mixes by MC should still be appreciated, because I still think they have held up against the test of time…at least a lot better than mine have. Let me know in the comments and the TTT Forum Thread what your favorite MC mix is, or any other active mix makers you’d like to share.

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February 27, 2014 8:21 pm

The 2k8 dunk contest was just… EPIC! I thought that it would only feature the slow mo replays, and then after the “jordan” dunk, it looked so great and even fit well with the music. After that I was wondering why there was still a minute left in the mix. Totally got me. Good Tuesday Triple Jao!