The Tuesday Triple: My Three Best Mixes

This is The Tuesday Triple, where I attempt to break down random topics into three points, and maybe an “and one” if I need it. Similar to the established Friday Five by Andrew, the topics will be related to basketball video games and their communities as a whole.

Before I start the very small countdown of my favorite mixes that I made, I want to remind new readers that I did a Tuesday Triple on MomentousCeltic’s Mixes. While my mixes are no where near as well done as MC’s, or any of the current mix making elite seen on YouTube, they still hold a lot of sentimental value to me. I actually underestimated how many mixes I have made over the years, and some of the favorites I had in mind for this article have aged terribly since I last watched them. Nevertheless, here are my three favorite basketball video game mixes that I made as of today.

Free Throw – This is How I Play….. NBA Live 07

Uploaded one month after the release of NBA Live 07, this was the product of many hours of procrastination from college courses and dedication to the PC version of the game thanks to the terrible Xbox 360 version. I collected so much footage that I decided to create a two song “mega” mix rather than make two mixes. I (not so) fondly remember editing this down, but it does feature some very nifty and unique plays, PC street and other mods, as well as an awesome Vince Carter off-the-wall dunk at the end. This video is actually my most viewed basketball upload on my channel at 160,000+ views; it is also my second to oldest video uploaded to YouTube.

Jumper – Live 08 (360) Mix

This is one of those cases where the sentimental value overcomes the actual video quality. The song choice is great, but the video quality is terrible due to my antiquated analog capture device (coaxial), and the pace of the footage does not really match the song. This was done on purpose though, since NBA Live 08 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 does not look very good at full speed. The video has over 20,000 views, but I feel the biggest accomplishment of this video was making that game actually look good and worth playing, especially since NBA 2K8 was a landmark release.

Three Pointer – NBA 2K(10/11) Community Site Mix

I could not pick between these two. These two are my favorite basketball mixes that I have made. Fast paced and unique plays thanks to the defunct NBA 2K community website (the old one). I have a lot of fond memories of playing with the NBA 2K10 Reelmaker and uploading clips along with BAROCKAFELLA, Bnicolas13, domidomdomz, hawks phan, dunc15, TheBlackDeath24, TheLakers08, and NLSC veteran shadowgrin. It made the quality downgrade seen with NBA 2K11 hurt that much more, and the shutdown before NBA 2K12 make me miss our little mini-community. We got to show off PC mods alongside the console games, get featured by 2K officially, and ended up with one hell of a mix at the end. If you get a chance, I recommend checking out the blooper reel at the end of the 2K11 mix.

I hope you enjoyed checking out some of my old mixes. I think it has been just over a year since I last made one, and to be honest, I have no intention of trying to make anymore. An unfortunate byproduct of syncing video footage to music is ruining the song for the maker, and I think I will just hide behind that excuse rather than my many others. I hope you enjoyed watching these videos!

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