The Tuesday Triple x3: More NBA Video Game Commercials

This is The Tuesday Triple, where I attempt to break down random topics into three points, and maybe an “and one” if I need it. Similar to the established Friday Five by Andrew, the topics will be related to basketball video games and their communities as a whole.

Andrew featured his favorite non-gameplay NBA video game commercials in his latest Friday Five, I was a bit disappointed. I liked three of the seven he linked in his article, specifically the 2K14 next gen commercial with LeBron, and 2K11’s MJ’s Greatest Moments and Signature Moves. The rest, including Jordan showing off his many rings, just, I don’t know, didn’t resonate with me. So in response, I am going to triple the content of this Tuesday Triple with the following 9 great NBA video game commercials.

Shaq Commercial (NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC)

Ahh Shaq, he will show up a few times in this.

Cyber-Jordan Commercial (NBA Live 2000)

This might be my favorite of the bunch. Great 90s sayings with gems like big air-big hair, but nostalgia considering seeing this commercial is what got my friend to buy Live 2000, which was my first experience with NBA games and NLSC.

Allen Iverson Dreamcast Commercial (NBA 2K)

I think all of the Dreamcast commercials like this were amazing, but the cameos with Penny Hardaway, Juwan Howard, and Brian Grant was a nice touch.

Freestyle Commercial (NBA Live 2004)

This commercial sold me on Live 2004. I was going to skip it and continue to play Live 2003 into the ground, but it just looked so promising with the Freestyle changes.

Tracy Morgan vs Ben Wallace (ESPN Basketball 2K4)

Young Tracy Morgan, huh. Still a funny commercial though.

Robots (NBA Live 06)

It’s creepy, but holy hell that must have taken some time to make.

Ultimate Player Control (NBA 2K6)

heh, insert joke about old NBA 2Ks’ player control. Funny stuff (get it) by Shaq.

Great Debate (NBA 2K12)

Credit to The Worm 91, he commented immediately on Andrew’s article with this gem of personalities participating in the age old who’s better debate.

Wilson vs. Wilson (NBA 2K12)

“Look at my shorts. Stop looking at shorts, it’s weird. Look back at them.” Enough said.

Sorry Andrew, I am sure there are plenty more I could have used, but I am sorry. I think all of these are better than MJ’s ring commercial, sorry. If we missed any, link them in the comments!

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June 3, 2014 7:28 pm

Sorry. 😉

There’s definitely some great commercials there, but I think you brought up the key term in your introduction, that being “resonate”. These commercials resonate with you more than a couple of the ones I featured in the Five, whereas my picks are the ones that resonated with me for whatever reason; concept, humour, punchline, etc.

It was my top five favourite, not necessarily what I’d objectively call the top five best or universally liked. The MJ ring commercial appealed to me as an MJ fan because it allowed me to have a bit of a fanboy smirk. The Adam Morrison commercial was such a non-sequitur, the delivery so amusingly deadpan. I enjoyed them and found them memorable, so I rate them as my favourites. If I were picking more objectively? I’d probably be inclined to include some of these nine.