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Top 5 Shooting Guards in NBA Live 16

Top 5 Shooting Guards in NBA Live 16

The ratings reveals for NBA Live 16 continue, as the top five shooting guards in this year’s game have been announced. The players and their overall ratings are as follows:

  1. James Harden (95 overall)
  2. Klay Thompson (91 overall)
  3. Kobe Bryant (89 overall)
  4. Jimmy Butler (89 overall)
  5. Dwyane Wade (88 overall)

The article also goes into detail about some of their specific ratings, explaining how they came to have their overall ratings that they do. Notably, James Harden is the fastest shooting guard in the game, while Kobe Bryant unsurprisingly has the highest Clutch rating.

Screenshots of four of the top five shooting guards were also posted; check them out below, or here in our NBA Live 16 screenshots gallery. As James Harden is one of the cover players for NBA 2K16, he is the only player on the list not to have a screenshot. EA had to take similar measures last year during their ratings reveals, only showing a screenshot of Kevin Durant’s shoes in articles where he was featured.

More ratings reveals appear to be on the way, leading up to the release of the NBA Live 16 demo on September 15th, and the full game on September 29th. What do you make of the top five shooting guards? Sound off in the comments below, and feel free to join in the discussion here in the NBA Live 16 section of the NLSC Forum.

Top 5 Shooting Guards in NBA Live 16

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