U R Basketball 2K13 & 2K14 V78 Released

U R Basketball V78 Released

A new version (V78) of U R Basketball by skoadam and slimm44 is now available! This is the big retro update that I know a lot of gamers still playing NBA 2K13 and NBA 2K14 have been eagerly awaiting, and it looks to be well worth it. The key features of URB V78 are as follows:

  • Updated Elite Roster by adding 6 new teams
  • Added NEW 2019 & Elite Roster
  • Updated All-Star Roster by adding new teams
  • Updated all All-Time Rosters by adding new players (Zion, Tatum, Middleton, Jokic, Doncic, Booker, Siakam etc)
  • Updated Current All Time Roster version with 2020 jerseys/logos, courts etc.
  • Tons of new retro faces made by Maravich, Icecr, and other modders
  • New retro jerseys made by Pepis

U R Basketball for NBA 2K14 can be downloaded here; please see the release topic here for more information and support. The NBA 2K13 mod is available here, while the release and support topic can be found here. The next version will include updates for the NBA Bubble restart; stay tuned to the support topics for further news.

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