U R Basketball 2K13 Updated for All-Star Weekend 2019

2019 All-Star Update for U R Basketball 2K13

Following on from yesterday’s new release for NBA 2K14, the NBA 2K13 version of U R Basketball by skoadam and slimm44 has also been updated! As with the 2K14 release, the update for URB 2K13 includes accurate trade deadline and All-Star rosters, along with new art and other enhancements. Key features of the update are as follows:

  • Trades updated through 18th February
  • Updated rotations/minutes
  • Updated team roles
  • 2019 All-Stars updated
  • Updated new contracts
  • Updated faces (Chasedown, EC2K)
  • Updated All-Star jerseys – finally great quality jerseys from Pep
  • Added All-Star Arena
  • Fixed accessories colors for All-Star teams

You can find U R Basketball 2K13 here in our Downloads section. For more previews, support, and information on future updates, be sure to check out the release topic here. As with URB 2K14, future releases will include further updates to the retro content.

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