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U R Basketball V60 Has Been Released for NBA 2K14

U R Basketball 2K14 All-Time 80s Preview

A new version of the U R Basketball mod for NBA 2K14 PC is now available! skoadam and slimm44 continue to put some tremendous work into the mod, as the new release (V60) adds the long-awaited All-Time roster, done in the style of the 1980s. This means that even though team rosters include the best players from yesteryear and today, they’re wearing short shorts and the uniforms of the era.

You can download V60 of U R Basketball here! Be sure to check out the release topic here for support, previews, and more information about future releases. Future versions will contain the All-Time roster done in the style of the 1990s and current era, as well as further updates to the 2018 offseason rosters. Finally, for NBA 2K13 users who have been waiting for a new update, there is one in the works! Stay tuned to this topic for further announcements.

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