Ultimate Base Roster Website Back Online; July Update Coming

Ultimate Base Roster July 2018 Preview (NBA 2K14)

Outstanding news for everyone still playing NBA 2K12 or NBA 2K14: the official website for the Ultimate Base Roster is back online! HAWK23 has restored working download links for the NBA 2K12 version of UBR, so head on over if you haven’t previously downloaded the massive mod pack.

The links for the NBA 2K14 version of UBR will be back online soon, after the completion of a July 2018 update. This is obviously fantastic news, as not only will the previous season mods be available, but there’ll be brand new rosters for NBA 2K14 as well. It’s been some time since the last UBR update, and from the reaction in our Forum, gamers are really looking forward to the forthcoming one.

You can find the topic for UBR 2K12 here, and the UBR 2K14 topic here in the NLSC Forum. Be sure to check them out for download links, previews, status updates, and support. You can also connect with HAWK23 here on Twitter, where he’s posting updates about the Ultimate Base Roster.

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