Ultimate Base Roster V76 for NBA 2K14 Released

Ultimate Base Roster V76 for NBA 2K14 Released

HAWK23 has released a new version (V76) of the Ultimate Base Roster for NBA 2K14! It’s one of the biggest updates in the history of the mod, so if you haven’t been keeping up with any of the recent releases, you’ll definitely want to check this one out.

In addition to updated 2023 season rosters, the new version of UBR enhances its complete retro season mods with year-specific dornas. There’s now no need to manually switch the dorna files, as the correct ones will be used whenever you load a roster. There are also new shoe vaults, with all of the shoes being categorised by decade and listed with their real names.

On top of that, there are new player faces and stadiums, along with various fixes. A full breakdown of the changes can be found below. Download the latest version of the Ultimate Base Roster for NBA 2K14 PC here, and check out the release topic here in the Forum for further information and previews!

Ultimate Base Roster V76 for NBA 2K14 Release Notes

Current Roster Updates:

  • Added an updated version of the 2023 Roster with all accurate transactions, signings, trades etc as of 8/21/22 at Midnight CT
  • Adjusted Depth Charts and Minute Rotations for better accuracy
  • Rolled over the 2023 teams to the Ultimate Base Roster (current teams can now be accessed in the Ultimate Base Roster file OR the 2023 Roster file (use 2023 Roster for long-term association play)
  • Added real 2023 association stories upon starting an association
  • Added some additional 2023 specialty jerseys/courts – courtesy Makoy
  • Added accurate assistant coaches for every team in the 2023 Roster
  • Added accurate Trainers to every team in the 2023 Roster
  • Added a new “NBA Executive / GM” field and added accurate people
  • Added one extra accurate “Additional Assistant” to all teams

Retro Roster Updates:

  • A brand new shoe vault system was added along with over 330 real shoes that are categorized by decade. There are now two vaults (an in-game vault and an offline vault so be sure to watch the YouTube preview video). I’ve also hex-edited real names onto all the shoes (so there won’t be anymore blanks or nameless shoes). Big thanks to TrueFaith for contributing a majority of the pre-2000s retro shoe updates. Please go to 28:17 of the UBR V76 preview video to see the entire shoe vault!
  • There have been approximately 200+ unique retro dornas added throughout all applicable season mods. Due to the tricks of hex editing I’ve ensured that there is no hanging at the starting lineups screen or crashes. This means that it won’t be necessary to swap out dornas any longer based on the year you were playing (if you were doing that). Now, it’s as simple as loading up the 2023 Roster and having all the current dornas (which will fit perfectly by the way) or loading up the 2019 Roster to have those year specific dornas, or the 2014 Roster to have those specific ones or 1999, or 1991 etc. I’ve also added the correct playoff logos to the dornas depending on the year. Some of these logos have also been added to the courts so they will appear on there during association. Here is a breakdown of more specifics regarding the dorna additions:
    • Added upgraded year-specific stadiums for the 2019 Roster – courtesy Zk30
    • Added upgraded year-specific stadiums for the 2021 Roster – courtesy Zk30
    • Added upgraded year-specific stadiums for the 2022 Roster (also applied these to 2023 Roster) – courtesy Zk30
    • Assigned specific 2022 dornas to the 2022 & 2023 Roster
    • Assigned specific 2021 dornas to the 2021 Roster
    • Assigned specific 2019 dornas to the 2019 Roster
    • Assigned specific 2018 dornas to the 2018 Roster
    • Assigned specific 2017 dornas to the 2016 & 2017 Roster
    • Assigned specific 1999 dornas to the 1999-2002 Rosters & 1996-1998 Rosters (if we weren’t currently using a more accurate one)
    • Assigned all dornas listed above to applicable teams in the Ult Base Roster, Champs, Ult 80’s, and Ult 90’s Rosters)
    • Re-named all previous retro dornas we had in the game to something more readable (ex: UBR94hou instead of dorna588 or whatever)
  • With the help from multiple patrons we were able to go through every single player in every single roster from 1947-1999 so far to check for any skin tone issues with legs and arms. Many adjustments were made and things look awesome now – thank you everyone who has helped!
  • In addition to accurate Head Coaches, I added two accurate Assistant Coaches, an accurate General Manager, and an accurate Trainer to teams’ staffs in every roster from 1990-2023
  • Fixed colleges for all players from the 1988-1999 Rosters – this should be the final fix once and for all for these rosters. As I mentioned previously, this span of rosters were created by different people which made the college assignments correct for some players and not for others. We should be good to go now. If you do see a player in this range of rosters with an issue please let me know. Colleges should be correct in all other rosters as well.
  • Improved retro dornas from 1980-202022 to show a more accurate version of the playoff and finals banner if you were to make the playoffs/finals in association mode
  • Made a bunch of dorna re-assignments from 1980-2022 to ensure better accuracy
  • Updated the playoff and finals logo that appears on the floor of the court if you make it to the playoffs or finals in association mode using the 1980-2002 rosters (the courts must have been designed the old-school way that allows logos to show on the court)
  • Reformatted the 1994 Roster (there were some weird issues going on in association with 1994 so I changed the file structure – works perfect now)
  • Added and assigned all of the follow different cyberfaces variations and sprinkled them accurately throughout all the applicable retro yearly rosters, draft classes, and specialty rosters where their look was appropriate. Big thank you to Retro2K and liuguangyi:
    • David Robinson – year specific variation – courtesy liuguangyi
    • Gary Payton – year specific variation – courtesy liuguangyi
    • Grant Hill – year specific variation – courtesy liuguangyi
    • Julius Erving – year specific variation – courtesy liuguangyi
    • Shawn Kemp – year specific variation – courtesy liuguangyi
    • Younger Dick Motta Coach – year specific variation – Retro2K
    • Older Dick Motta Coach – year specific variation – Retro2K
    • Older Gregg Popovich Coach – year specific variation – Retro2K
    • Jack Ramsay Coach – year specific variation – Retro2K
    • Mid 90s George Karl Coach – year specific variation – Retro2K
    • Armen Gilliam – year specific variation – Retro2K
    • Bobby Hansen – year specific variation – Retro2K
    • Darrell Griffith – year specific variation – Retro2K
    • Gerald Wilkins – year specific variation – Retro2K
    • Jalen Rose – year specific variation – Retro2K
    • 2 Jawann Oldham versions – year specific variation – Retro2K
    • Jay Humphries – year specific variation – Retro2K
    • Kobe Bryant – year specific variation – Retro2K
    • M.L. Carr – year specific variation – Retro2K
    • Norm Van Lier- year specific variation – Retro2K
    • Rickey Green – year specific variation – Retro2K
    • 2 Rudy Fernandez versions – year specific variation – Retro2K
    • Terry Cummings – year specific variation – Retro2K
    • Tom Gugliotta – year specific variation – Retro2K
    • Doc Rivers – year specific variation – Retro2K
    • Vince Carter – year specific variation – Retro2K

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