Ultimate Base Roster V85 for NBA 2K14 Released

Ultimate Base Roster 2023

With the 2023 season approaching an exciting conclusion, HAWK23 has released a new version of the Ultimate Base Roster for NBA 2K14 PC! V85 of the UBR includes 2023 season rosters accurate of May 21st, as well as a few tweaks to the 2023 Draft Class.

Additionally, the new release features updates to retro season rosters, and other special rosters included in the pack. Some of the key changes include fixing logos for the New Orleans Hornets, updating the ABA rosters and some of the 1950s NBA rosters, and adding new year-accurate player faces and updated team art throughout the project.

A full list of release notes from HAWK23 can be found below. Download the latest version of the Ultimate Base Roster for NBA 2K14 PC here, and check out the release topic here in the Forum for further information and previews!

Ultimate Base Roster V85 Release Notes

  • Updated the 2023 Roster and Ultimate Base Roster to reflect accurate transactions, trades, signings, releases and all roster moves as of 5/21/2023 (includes Two-Way Players & G-League Teams)
  • Made a few tweaks to the 2023 Draft Class file (much more coming soon!)
  • Fixed a logo issue for the New Orleans Hornets in the 2003-2013 Rosters
  • Added a new version for the Ultimate Base ABA Roster (includes updated courts and jerseys)
  • Added every ABA Champion as a selectable team in their respective yearly roster from 1968-1976. These teams can be used in quick play. These teams can also be included in a custom association if you choose that setting before starting one. The benefit of doing this is you could replace one of the empty expansion teams with a real ABA team now if you choose.
  • Added updated versions of the 1952, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, and 1959 Rosters
  • Added NEW 1954, 1953, 1951, 1950 & 1949 Rosters – courtesy Reddwarf
  • Implemented the Tri-City Blackhawks, Sheboygan Redskins, Anderson Packers, and 1950 Denver Nuggets logo as well as other retro art files
  • Added the correct logo for the Milwaukee Hawks from 1952-1954
  • Added an early 1980’s dorna for the Utah Jazz – courtesy liuguangyi
  • Implemented the following Retro Cyberfaces throughout all applicable rosters (current, retro, and specialty) and draft class files:
    • Wilt Chamberlain masked (1965) – courtesy liuguangyi
    • Paul Westhead (Coach) – courtesy Retro2K
    • Kyrie Irving (current look)- courtesy liuguangyi
    • Jaylen Brown (current look)- courtesy liuguangyi
    • James Harden (current look)- courtesy liuguangyi
    • Giannis Anteokounpo (current look)- courtesy liuguangyi
    • Chris Paul (current look)- courtesy liuguangyi
    • Ja Morant- courtesy liuguangyi
    • Luka Doncic- courtesy liuguangyi
    • Jimmy Butler (current look) – courtesy liuguangyi
    • Khris Middleton- courtesy liuguangyi
    • Jrue Holiday- courtesy liuguangyi
    • Brandon Ingram- courtesy liuguangyi
    • Andrew Wiggins- courtesy liuguangyi
    • Elvin Hayes (full career update) – courtesy liuguangyi
    • Wes Unseld (full career update)- courtesy liuguangyi
    • Hedo Turkoglu (late 00’s look)- courtesy Retro2K
    • Juwan Howard (90’s look)- courtesy Retro2K
    • Alex English (full career update)- courtesy liuguangyi
    • Pete Maravich (full career update)- courtesy liuguangyi
    • Ken Norman (80’s look) – courtesy Retro2K
    • Evan Fournier (current look)
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