Updated Rosters Now Available for NBA Live 14; Other Updates

The previously announced offseason roster update for NBA Live 14 has now been pushed through. The new rosters account for major and minor transactions alike, as you’ll find LeBron James and Kevin Love on the Cleveland Cavaliers, Pau Gasol and Aaron Brooks on the Chicago Bulls, Isaiah Thomas on the Phoenix Suns, and so on. At a glance, it seems that everyone who was in the final 2013/2014 roster is on their correct squad.

There are some inaccuracies, however. It doesn’t appear as though any jersey numbers have been updated, as LeBron James is still wearing #6, while Kevin Love still sports #42. Udonis Haslem is also starting at point guard for the Miami Heat, and unfortunately none of the Class of 2014 rookies have been added to the game. It remains to be seen whether any further roster updates will be pushed through.

NBA Live 14 also continues to receive a few other content updates, presumably implementing a few things that the development team has been working on for NBA Live 15. Having played a few games today, there seems to a bit more smoothness to some of the animations, and it also appears as though some new dunks and layups have been quietly added. If you own NBA Live 14 on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, fire it up to check out the new rosters, and let me know if you notice any difference after the most recent content update.

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September 18, 2014 11:40 pm

Are they serious?!! Come on rookies..why they think we wanted the update..guess that was just to keep us rookies

September 19, 2014 2:48 am

^^ Well at least they do update in some manner rather than nothing which i find very good in terms of all year service.

That’s really good i hope the other game does the same. An off-season roster update even with minor changes could only be welcomed by any bball gamer.