Week 8 Roster Update for NBA Live 16

NBA Live 16: LeBron James

The Week 8 roster update for NBA Live 16 has now come through. The latest update adds Lorenzo Brown to the Phoenix Suns and Elliot Williams to the Memphis Grizzlies, while Joe Harris is now in the free agent pool. Player ratings have also been updated, and there are 32 adjustments to player accessories in the new roster. For the full breakdown, check out this spreadsheet.

As far as the biggest movers and shakers in the latest roster update are concerned, five players on the way up this week are LeBron James (+2 to 93), Chris Bosh (+2 to 82), Evan Fournier (+2 to 78), Jimmy Butler (+1 to 92), and Giannis Antetokounmpo (+1 to 79). On the other side of the ledger, five players on the way down this week are Wesley Johnson (-3 to 77), Andrew Bogut (-2 to 85), Kyrie Irving (-2 to 86), Nikola Pekovic (-2 to 74) and Kyle Korver (-2 to 76).

There are currently ten players rated 90+ overall in NBA Live 16. Stephen Curry remains the top dog at 95 overall, while the latest roster has LeBron James and Russell Westbrook tied for second at 93. Jimmy Butler and Kawhi Leonard are third at 92 overall, with Kevin Durant, DeAndre Jordan, and Chris Paul sitting at 91. Draymond Green and and Tony Parker are both currently 90 overall.

Any thoughts on the latest NBA Live 16 roster? Feel free to have your say in the comments section below, as well as this thread in the Forum.

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